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day 41


no name fancy bag

don’t take your kid to the doctor without a face mask. pulled it together for day 2 of the May Festival and busted out this no-name frilly-outside-menswear-lined bag i got for $3.50 from st. vincent de paul. i got my water bottle in there, a magazine, and my stuff except for emergency bag. after a wonderful concert with my oldest two, came home to Blue Gibbon. now that’s a good day. just pass me a throat drop.


back detail

day 30


gold pebbled leather bag by the sak

20130430-232517.jpgi had a rough day today – i was sick all day and couldn’t pull it together. at least i got my kids where they needed to be. i grabbed this bag to drive j to school this morning, pick her up and pick up n from work. it looks so small, it surprised me by fitting my stuff and water bottle. until today, i’ve just enjoyed looking at it and wanting to use it, and now that i have i’ll definitely use it again. the lining is nice, too.

i got this bag at goodwill because it had this cool bottom. it was brand new, got it for $6. by the way – when i give a price, if it’s from goodwill it’s usually the 50% off price.

so i admit, this started as a purse rescue – but now it’s officially part of the family and not getting sold.

yesterday, i mentioned all of the things i do on mondays – i forgot to mention thrifting. don’t ask me how i could forget! mid 40s mental meltdown, who knows. but it is definitely one of my favorite monday activities that is not just limited to mondays. hello, sale weekends!



day 8


tignanello black pebbled leather structured hobo

tignanello. one of my first forays into the fabulous world of pebbled leather. i bought this bag in 1995 at tj maxx. i shopped there a lot when my oldest was a baby and my husband was in grad school. i’ve used it as a diaper bag, briefcase, purse, airplane carry on… it’s a great bag that holds a lot, not just my requsite magazine and water bottle. today, i carried my stuff + 4 mags, water bottle and spill-proof coffee mug. multiple zipper pockets inside and out ensure a place for everything, which is great for the perpetually disorganized. (who, me?)

18 years later, the bag still looks great. it feels weird to say that the bag is a comfort to me, but it is. i can’t explain it. but it’s the bag i reach for when i don’t know what else to use.


zipper pull detail

i’ve obtained a lot of bags since i bought this, but its definitely in my top 10. maybe even top 5. we’ll see as the days go on. i think i paid something like $49 for it, which was not my usual m. o. but i fell in love with the leather and thought it would be a good investment. buying it taught me that it’s worth it to pay for quality. it’s even more worth it to buy quality bags at thrift store prices! hence, the quest continues.