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day 31


the sak black pebbled leather convertible tote, overlooking the athletic field

some people refer to my alma mater as a cult. those people are usually haters who did not attend Walnut Hills High School, one of the best high schools in the country. it’s one of the reasons my east coast husband will live in cincinnati – so his kids can attend. after running into a high school friend of mine at his work in new jersey 20 years ago, he started to understand that Walnut is special.


the sak purse with the WHHS flying pig

well, we have a daughter who is a senior, and she’s about to graduate from this amazing institution. i’m so proud of her. so today, i carried the bag she chose for me last weekend that i rejected, and took these photos at her senior ensemble concert held earlier this evening. (bag: goodwill, $8) this is a new wing of the school – when i attended, it was known as the annex – language classes, honors, and lest i forget – typing class. it’s so beautiful now, and i’m happy that these kids have a beautiful school in which to learn and hang out with friends.

high school was a wonderful time of my life. i did honors and choir, yet i wasn’t a total nerd. i had a great 6 years. i have no desire to go back, or have doovers. i’m just so thankful and glad my kids are there. this year was a fun year with one as a senior and one as an effie – that’s 7th grader to you civilians. so i’ve got 5 more years to embarrass the crap out of her! whoooooooooo! go Walnut!

day 2

silver 3-way bag by the sam

silver 3-way bag by the sak – you can fit a lot in there!

folded over - can be clutch or smaller cross body

folded over – can be clutch or smaller crossbody

i got this bag for my 25 year reunion for Walnut Hills High School. i admit, the shoes were the star that night – but that’s another blog. i like this purse because of its versatility – it can be a larger crossbody, and i mean you can get a magazine in there with the rest of your stuff. or, hook the strap to the middle two rings and it’s a smaller crossbody or shoulder bag. remove the strap and it’s a clutch! score!!!

the reunion was, as usual, a truly wonderful night! those who know, know – there’s nothing like Walnut! seeing friends and acquaintances is a blessing, but so was being voted “looks most like she did in high school.” at 43, i’ll take it! so while i don’t use it often, when i look at this purse, i always smile and reflect back on that night. my feet were sore but it was worth it!

the cane in the pic belongs to David’s mom, Ida. we were at Panera enjoying a delicious dinner – the girls wanted me to photograph the bag there so we can prove that we leave the house every now and again.