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bag #2 – taken

Preston & York bag






Today’s bag is a cute Preston & York twill bag with leather trim. I love grommets; that’s what got me this time. It’s very crisp and clean looking – you’ll feel pulled together with this one. I like how the zipper pull has a piece you can just hook your finger into and pull. When I opened it up to take a pic of the inside, my 12yo said “oooohhhh that’s so pretty!”

I got it at the St. Vincent dePaul on Este for $6.99, or maybe it was half off – i don’t remember. Email me at 50favbags@gmail.com with “bag #2” in the email somewhere and i’ll send it your way. TAKEN – thanks. 


bag #9

IMG_4806 IMG_2972

If no-nonsense is your MO, this is your bag. This black Stone Mountain shoulder bag has more pouches and pockets than I can count. This was clearly unused, because it still had the little baby zipper pouch attached with those plastic tag connector thingys and the signature key fob was there.

Once again I bought a bag not my style because it was $4 at the St. Vincent dePaul. I knew I could either sell it or give it to someone who would love it. Today I choose love.

Email 50favbags@gmail.com if you’re liking this one.

TAKEN – thanks!

bag #2

Today’s bag is an Aigner duffle that I picked up last week at the St. Vincent dePaul that’s near my house. I had just picked up my girls from my dad’s house, and although I knew they would be mad about stopping, I felt an indescribable calling… so I heeded it. Some of you will be glad I did, including whomever wants this cute bag.

I was already in line, after finding a few goodies all under $6, when i realized that i had missed this little purse corner near the dressing rooms. This bag was hanging there. My mom LOVED Aigner shoes, boots, and bags – back before people knew how to pronounce it correctly. It reminded me of her so much, in a way that made me smile. Although, typing this now, i just got a little irrigation in the eye.

So, if you like this bag, email me at miwtbp@gmail.com and let me know.

Full Lenten disclosure – I did not make it to get my ashes. But, I’m not worried – God knows my heart. IMG_2706

UPDATE: this bag has been CLAIMED!!

IT’S TAKEN. Thanks!


bag #1


Bag #1 is a blue Kipling shoulder bag. The Kipling charm is gone, sadly. Kipling bags of this size and style currently retail for $100-$120. I got this at my favorite Goodwill for $6. It was a rescue, meaning I really didn’t need it, I just had to save it from Goodwill. This bag was at the Goodwill for weeks before I bought it. I just figured I’d find someone who liked it. Eventually.

Why do I rescue bags, you may ask. When I see a fake Prada or Coach priced the same as a real Fossil, Ugg, or as in this case, Kipling, I know the staff has missed something. The bags I purchase (or want to purchase) have unrecognized value and quality that I see and others don’t. It’s not like the bags are talking to me or anything. Heck no.

If you’d like this bag, email 50favbags@gmail.com with your

  • Name
  • Address
  • Bag #
  • Why you want the bag

Please don’t reply here. Thanks.

As it’s Ash Wednesday, I plan to get my ashes later this evening. And while I support ashes-to-go, I’m going for ashes-to-stay-in-church. The solemn service prepares my family for our Lenten undertakings. We do several things, including increasing service at church and taking on personal disciplines. Later, the girls will tell me theirs so that we can support each other over the next 40 days. Do you have plans for Lent? Share them here.

TAKEN – thanks.
IMG_2699IMG_2701 IMG_2704

day 45


fossil striped canvas bag

got this fossil bag on a recent trip to my favorite goodwill for $6. this is the bag i started out with yesterday and kicked to the curb. it did’t really go with what i was wearing – the bag was competing with my orange peep-toe flower me toos. but, today i went understated and busted it back out. i’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: large women can hook up many an outfit with the right accessories. i like the interior – the middle zipper pocket is smaller than the two larger exterior pockets. it all gets grabbed up with double handles, and don’t forget the fossil key. multicolored bags are great to enhance monochromatic outfits, or get wacky and mix prints. i don’t do this too much, when your’e 46 it can look like you’re trying too hard. anyway this is a fun bag that i will use repeatedly. peace out.

day 44


tignanello color me classy crossbody


check out the bottom stitching. tight!


side pouch – one of two

i had a good time shopping yesterday, but i must admit to feeling a little let down with the purse selection – especially at my favorite goodwill. but i was cool with it. every day is not a great day for bags, but the process is usually cathartic and rewarding. yesterday as i was paying for a few items of clothing for my girls, Esmerelda* and i had this exchange:

  • Esmerelda: if you come back later, i’ll have some more clothes out.
  • me: what about purses?
  • Esmerelda: yeah, maybe i’ll have time to put some more purses out. it is looking a little skimpy over there, isn’t it?
  • me: i’ll see you later.

but, i didn’t have the chance to get back out there. this goodwill is around the corner from my girls’ old elementary school, where i also used to work. it was easy to scoot in there and check the merch on any day of the week, and even go back after school if there was good stuff for the girls. but it’s 20+ minutes from my house, and i can only justify going out there once a week.

but Esmerelda’s words haunted me. i could’t stop thinking about the fabulous bags in the workroom. there were good bags back there, bags that i would miss if i didn’t make another trip. i tried to talk myself out of going but… well, fast forward to 9am this morning:

  • ring, ring – Peony* answers: Goodwill, may i help you?
  • me: hi, this is miriam. did Esmerelda put out any purses yesterday?
  • Peony: i’m not sure, she’s not here yet.
  • me: well, she told me she was going to, and i don’t want to drive all the way out there if she didn’t, i was just there yesterday. i’m the one who comes in on mondays, and sometimes other days…
  • Peony: oh, i could tell who you were from your voice. i could always put some purses in a cart and wheel it out…
  • me: i’m on the way.

so i went out there, shopped and was at work by 9:55 am. today’s bag is one of the ones i got. yes, i took my stuff out of the other bag i planned to use and rocked this one TODAY. my mom would be so proud – it’s my first spectator bag! she loved spectators almost as much as Aigner, and if it was an Aigner spectator then it was ON. she did have an Aigner navy and white spectator purse and matching shoes. bad to the bone.

this is a tinganello color me classy cross body. it’s retailing on Amazon for $129 and i paid $6 – yes, it was half off purses today. black and white pebbled leather with a convertible strap, making it also a shoulder bag. pockets inside and out, the hardware is on point, zipperd side pouches, as in one on each side – it’s the bomb.

i also scored two more good ones that you will be seeing in the next few days. and, the fossil i kicked to the curb this morning will be back.

it pays to be nice to the workers at your local thrift store. they are often wonderful people – sure, i’ve met a few duds – and when you’re nice to them, they are more willing to be nice to you. i don’t expect special treatment for being kind and respectful, but isn’t it nice to receive it anyway? i LOVE my favorite goodwill! i am truly thankful for goodwill, st. vincent, and other thrift stores that are ministries to the human race. i receive many a blessing thanks to thrift stores and deeply appreciate all involved in getting the products to the floor.


*names changed to protect the hardworking staff at my favorite goodwill

day 41


no name fancy bag

don’t take your kid to the doctor without a face mask. pulled it together for day 2 of the May Festival and busted out this no-name frilly-outside-menswear-lined bag i got for $3.50 from st. vincent de paul. i got my water bottle in there, a magazine, and my stuff except for emergency bag. after a wonderful concert with my oldest two, came home to Blue Gibbon. now that’s a good day. just pass me a throat drop.


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