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day 34

Liberty of London for Target – finally. I reached for this many times but decided to get past the halfway point. Sometimes you have to hold the carrot to ensure success.

day 22

Devi Kroell for Target from maybe 12 years ago. Looks just as great as when I bought it. Hobo style, snakeskin pattern, fits well on my shoulder – an overall great bag.

bag 6

Let me get this over with quickly. I mentioned this year would be sacrificial = so to prepare, I got a bunch of bags together several months ago so I wouldn’t agonize about my choices in the beginning. When I pulled this out of the bag, I began to barter with myself, and *almost* took it back. Then I sighed, waited until a few minutes ago, snapped these pics, and here we are.

I got this bag when Target first started partnering with designers for special, short-run lines. This Isaac Mizrahi tote converts from a bowling-bag style when snapped to a large tote when unsnapped at the sides. Carry it with the handles or crossbody. I’ve put this bag in the giveaway for a few years and always rescued it. Time for someone else to enjoy it.

BTW this is a non-leather bag, but even after use, it’s in great shape. Email 50favbags@gmail.com and request bag 6.

bag #44


You’ve heard of those Target collaborations with designers, right? Early days it was Isaac Mizrahi, Proenza Schouler  and Liz Lange. Since they often don’t make plus sizes, i console myself with the bags, which are often fabulous. This one is from Paul and Joe. Ok i hadn’t heard of them either. I got this bag at Goodwill for my butterfly-loving oldest, but she is anti-purse and rejected it. The butterfly piece comes over the top and acts as a closure. There’s also a cool tassel zipper pull. Canvas with faux leather. I thought about keeping it just because but… email me at 50favbags@gmail.com if you like it.

Two days to go… the five bags (other than this one) that are still available say “still available” in the title. Last chance before they go to the thrift store! Taken. Thanks! 

IMG_3021 IMG_8091

bag #27


It’s Monday, so here’s a bag I used to use for work. From Target, this is a tan Mossimo large tote with front and side pockets, zipper top with inside zipper pocket. Long handles fit over lots of shoulders. Non-leather AKA Vegan – that’s what you see on the bags these days in the store. Email 50favbags@gmail.com if you like.

TAKEN – thanks


day 32


Liberty of London for target bag

i put off wearing this purse for as long as i could. liberty of london for target, maybe 3 years ago – there were lots of clothes, kids stuff, none of which i can wear. but when i saw this bag i knew i could participate. i love using it in the spring and summer months and i have to force myself to give it a rest, because i don’t want to wear it out. it’s got side pockets, people, 3 interior pockets, and two, front and back, now – two more exterior pouches. and then, to cap it all off, it’s got a strap to make it a shoulder bag or cross body. it’s a well organized bag that makes me happy. it doesn’t get much better than that for an inanimate object. perfect for a day like today.

ps: i just checked, and i was right – this line is from March 2010. i’m just glad my memory is still accurate in at least one arena.

day 17


devi kroell for target bag from 2007

devi kroell for target. i love when the designers do target, but usually i can’t do the clothes because they don’t make plus sized. like big girls don’t want designer style! so, i accessorize.

i have really enjoyed this bag for the last 5+ years. it’s bigger than it looks, and has held up very well with its pleather self. it’s a great rainy day bag, dressy or casual.

it’s a keeper.