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bag #12

2013-04-28 21.39.09 IMG_2757 2013-04-28 21.40.33

Remember when I said I was giving up bags that I featured two years ago in my 50 days of bags? Here’s one of them. The purse is great but again, volume. Read about it here. It’s telling that I used this on a Sunday two years ago; if I used it during the week, I would have had to carry more than one bag.

It holds a magazine folded over, and has decent interior organization.

Email me at 50favbags@gmail.com if you like this one and would like to have it.

People say: “It must be so hard getting rid of all these purses.” “How do you chose which ones to give away? You know them like they’re your children.”  Perhaps my vast collection has created an idea that I have anything other than like for these bags. I mean, yeah, I like them. I even like-like some of them. They’re not my children, though. And I don’t want to marry any of them. I don’t “LOVE” them like that. They’re material objects that I want rather than need.

This Lenten season, as always, I’m clear on the things in my life that I love, and they tend to breathe.

Yes, I know natural fabrics breathe. Ay, you sticklers.

TAKEN – thanks.

day 28

2013-04-28 21.38.57i was excited to bust out purse i got a few weeks ago at st. vincent de paul’s. this whole east-west thing with purses having a trapeze shape is happening right now, and while i think it’s cool, i’m not so into my purse looking like you should be trying to tuck in the sides. so when i saw this purse i thought ok, i’ll rock the shape but in this cool pattern and for $3. score! wore it to church today, which is always fun. today was our heifer fair – if you don’t know about this wonderful organization, check them out at http://www.heifer.org.



back to the purse. once i saw the pattern, it was mission: no bag left behind. here are a couple of closeups of the boat and trees. the handles are wire covered in black tubing with leather top handles. the inside has 3 pockets, which help. this is definitely a purse i’d use for a special occasion or for sunday, but it’s just not practical enough for everyday wear – it doesn’t hold my water bottle, and you know by now that’s the dealbreaker.

my girls really like this one, especially my youngest – she’s been waiting for me to use it for several days now. she’ll have to find something else to think about – like whether or not she packed her dance stuff in her backpack. hmmm?

day 21


shiraleah vintage velvet beaded bag

Imageit’s sunday, so i went fancy again with this shiraleah velvet beaded bag with horn handles. this is another bag that i got at st. vincent de paul that is just so beautiful, i love to look at it hanging on my closet door. so when i chose it for today, i had no idea it could carry all of my stuff, plus water bottle and Godly Play teacher’s book. but it did, thank goodness. $4 – score!

then i wore it to A Midsummer Night’s Dream ballet at SCPA. an amazing show, with lots of talented students giving their best. the set was beautiful. i’m so glad j is getting a wonderful dance education there.

anyway, i’m off to burbank tomorrow, so i’ve got to go find some packable bags for the trip. praying that my flight is better than the last one a couple of weeks ago.