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day 42


Shopping at Clothes Mentor always teaches me something. I’d never heard of Linea Pelle until I looked up the brand while considering whether or not to buy this purse. Once I zipped and unzipped the zippers a few times and finally stopped touching this supersoft leather, I decided it was worth the $14 they were asking. Plus, I love perforated bags. Period.

Today I checked online an found this bag in cognac on Poshmark for $70. You can find others on Amazon ranging from $198-$245, unless you want vegan.

I love everything about this bag except one thing. It’s heavy. I have some physical issues that require me to lighten my load. The only way I can do that with this bag is to take off the shoulder strap and carry it like a satchel. That means I don’t use it as often as I’d like. But maybe I can carry it around the house.


day 6

So here’s how it goes for me at the Mt. Washington St. Vincent de Paul. I go in and get a cart. I make my way to the back where the purses are and start from the right and move left. This bag was right in the beginning, because the colors go from colors on the right to browns, then black, then neutrals. Yeah, it’s this organized. If I see something I like, I get it and put in the cart and keep moving until I’m finished browsing. Then, I examine each bag. This one is a woven kilim style carpet bag with a hinged closure – think doctor bag by T. Cappelli. It has four brass feet, so I knew the quality was there. If I’ve never heard of it, I google it. Sometimes I find that it’s a BS brand, sometimes it’s a QVC or department store brand. Sometimes I find that it’s a legit brand from the 80s. I enjoyed carrying it today and got lots of comments on it. I had it full of stuff, and the magnet closure did not fail. $6.

bag 12 – claimed

Yesterday’s bag had issues, sorry about that. When I find the missing piece I’ll post it. Instead, here’s one straight from the back of my closet door. That’s a spot of high priority. Purses there are beautiful or used often or both. Today’s is beautiful, and I’ll miss it, but I have this photo to remind me. Someone please enjoy this DKNY satchel style bag with many sections pockets and pouches for all of your gear. Strap fits over the shoulder or over your arm (how I wore it). I love the satchel look a lot; what can I say. I’m an intellectual who loves style. Email me at 50favbags@gmail.com if you like bag 12.

day 19


calvin klein coral bag with handles and a long strap


closure detail


hardware detail

last summer, my purse was stolen out of my car. the inconvenience of replacing the stuff in it was one thing – the broken window was quite another. but the worst, for me, was the actual purse itself – it was a leather snakeskin metallic calvin klein purse that i found at my favorite goodwill. i got that baby for $5, thanks to the 50% off sale. i feel wrong saying that i loved it, but i really really liked that bag a LOT.

if you’ve ever had anything stolen, you know how it feels – i felt angry, violated, frustrated, and the worst feeling of all is that it was totally my fault. regardless, i got the window replaced, my license and cards replaced, and one day i found this calvin klein coral bag at the same goodwill for the same price.

although would love to replace the bag i had with an identical one, i’m glad i found this lovely, colorful bag. it’s heavy, due to the hardcore hardware. and you know the zipper thing i mentioned? butter. i don’t use it nearly as much as i used the other one, but here’s what i learned: if you really care about something, take care of it. and even if you do, you could still lose it. you can’t control everything. and when i say you, i mean i. this is a beautiful bag – despite the fact that it’s not pebbled leather!