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Bag 14 – taken

The 1980s are legendary; everyone knows that. Izod, Pappagallo, Bass, Sperry – you remember, right? So here’s a blast from that past – good old LeSportsac in classic black. Lightweight, durable, and super sporty, I couldn’t resist this contemporary throwback. Works as a shoulder bag or a cross body. Don’t let the small size fool you, it holds a good deal of your stuff. Email me at 50favbags@gmail.com if the past is in your future.

Today we had to model this from the car on the way to school. It’s like that sometimes. Peace.

Bag 11

Sometimes a bag is such a great bargain, i can’t leave it in the thrift store. This Nine West shoulder bag contains a matching wrist wallet and a detachable keychain – what a bargain! I was going to keep the wristlet and get rid of the purse, but then i decided the set needed to stay a set. If you love pockets, pouches, and more organization, this is for you. Small bags like this can hold a lot when everything has its place.

Now don’t be put off by this moss/olivey color. It isn’t necessarily a great match with black, or brown, but if you wear it with a colorful top or dress, say with jeans or khakis, you’re styling. Oh and it’s VEGAN – the new lingo meaning it’s not made of leather. I love it. Email me at 50favbags@gmail.com if you like this one.

Jaiya really loves to model, and Kaia likes taking photos. This time they wanted to get Spencer into the mix. So here you are. Life with these girls! The best!


Bag 10 – taken

You can’t beat a colorful bag to bring life to an outfit. If you love to wear black, like i do, you need some punch to bring you and your outfit to life. That’s why i can’t resist grabbing red bags when i’m thrifting. If not me, then you. This Italian bag was chilling at St. Vincent’s, so i saved it just for this occasion – a cold, sunny Saturday when i’m homebound because i overdid it the last few days. If you like soft, supple leather, saturated color, outside pockets and brass hardware, this is your bag. Email me at 50favbags@gmail.com and let me know you want Bag 10.

There are several other bags still up for grabs; if the title doesn’t say Taken it’s available.

Bag 9 – taken 

Okay, I struggled with myself to let this one go. This is a vintage Liz Claiborne purse, 100% coated cotton with leather trim. I mean, it screams 80s and early 90s. And of course, all that stuff is back again. If you need a lightweight bag, this is it. The drawstring closure with the wooden beads will take you right back to your mustard oversized button down and your multi-colored loafers. Oh wait, that was me. Email me with “bag 9” at 50favbags@gmail.com and make everything old new again.


Bag 1 – Ash Wednesday 2017

Hey everyone! I’m excited to start my annual Lenten bag giveaway with a bag I’ve featured before, and am now prepared to give up. I got this beautiful blue bag several years ago, and while I love the color, I’ve used it maybe five times in the last four years. Bag, bye! Read more about this bag and see the interior here.

Here’s how this works:  I’ll post a bag each day until Easter, except for Sundays. If you see one you like, email me at 50favbags@gmail.com. Include the bag #. That’s it. First come, first served. Long distance? I’ll mail the bag to you.

New this year: purse models! The girls are now adult-sized. Help me, Lord. Jaiya is 5’7+’; Kaia is 5’7″. Nia will make a guest appearance when possible. Jaiya models today’s bag so you can get an idea of it’s relative size.

Each Lent that I do this, I’m changed. I’ve bought fewer bags from the thrift stores, and while I’ve considerably reduced my bag inventory, I’m driven to continue to give them away. Buying fewer bags has trickled over into other areas of purchasing. I’m much more mindful of excess and strive to eliminate unnecessary items from my inventory of stuff.

Honestly, giving away these bags gives me more than I could ask or imagine. I’ve renewed friendships with folks i usually only see on Facebook. I’ve lightened my load of stuff. And giving just plain feels awesome. So please, check back each day for a new bag that’s up for grabs. Sign up for emails of new blog posts to get a jump on the giveaway.



black Fossil

it’s hard to say goodbye to this baby for 49 days.

after last year’s blog, you’d think i’d learn my lesson about getting attached to a purse for too long. but no, that’s not what i learned. i can prove that i didn’t learn it – i am LOATHE to put this baby away.

this fossil bag is like a good friend who is also your administrative assistant. there’s a place for everything – i even had a pouch just for my phone cord & headphones. but there aren’t too many places to lose – i mean hide things, and they all are a little different, which helps me remember where everything is. and if you’re the super organized person who can manage all of that without an administrative assistant, you’d love it even more, perhaps. and it’s like  good friend because it’s black pebbled leather. soft to the touch yet impervious to the umpteen times my water bottle has leaked inside.

so now i choose to throw myself back into the world of cavernous satchels, too-small purses that i bought because they were too gorgeous to leave in the store, and much, much more as i explore 50 more days of fabulous bags. along the way, i’ll share how i’ve changed and evolved since my experience last year. I can tell you out of the gate, with extreme and radical certainty that i leave much more in the store than i did in the past. but i still have a ways to go… join me on my journey.