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Bag 1 – Ash Wednesday 2017

Hey everyone! I’m excited to start my annual Lenten bag giveaway with a bag I’ve featured before, and am now prepared to give up. I got this beautiful blue bag several years ago, and while I love the color, I’ve used it maybe five times in the last four years. Bag, bye! Read more about this bag and see the interior here.

Here’s how this works:  I’ll post a bag each day until Easter, except for Sundays. If you see one you like, email me at 50favbags@gmail.com. Include the bag #. That’s it. First come, first served. Long distance? I’ll mail the bag to you.

New this year: purse models! The girls are now adult-sized. Help me, Lord. Jaiya is 5’7+’; Kaia is 5’7″. Nia will make a guest appearance when possible. Jaiya models today’s bag so you can get an idea of it’s relative size.

Each Lent that I do this, I’m changed. I’ve bought fewer bags from the thrift stores, and while I’ve considerably reduced my bag inventory, I’m driven to continue to give them away. Buying fewer bags has trickled over into other areas of purchasing. I’m much more mindful of excess and strive to eliminate unnecessary items from my inventory of stuff.

Honestly, giving away these bags gives me more than I could ask or imagine. I’ve renewed friendships with folks i usually only see on Facebook. I’ve lightened my load of stuff. And giving just plain feels awesome. So please, check back each day for a new bag that’s up for grabs. Sign up for emails of new blog posts to get a jump on the giveaway.



day 15


blue Prague structured hobo

2013-04-15 23.52.39i really like this bag, yet i’ve tried to get rid of it many times. i got it at goodwill around 10 years ago, yet i can count on one hand the number of times i’ve used it. so why keep it?

i struggle with that question often. several people have asked me about it since i started this blog – it being the issue of excess. is 50 bags 49 too many? why keep bags i don’t often use?

i’m not saying i have an answer for that. i am a frequent clothes purger, and as much as i love shoes, i can get rid of a pair with only slight hesitation. i have gotten rid of bags in the past, and not on ebay – i give them to friends, my daughters, or back to goodwill or st. vincent de paul. i even had a purse swap at my birthday party and somehow ended up with more purses than i gave away. as an always (i refuse to say former) librarian, i believe in the get one purge one rule. not that many libraries follow that one!

as i continue on this journey for the next 35 days, i’ll come up with some answers. i’m certainly open to receiving the answers that i know i already have, but need to claim and own. this process is certainly opening my mind in more ways than i expected. but i expected that.

i enjoyed this bag today, and today will help me enjoy it more often in the future. when i feel i cannot legitimize keeping this beautiful purse, i remind myself of why i bought it in the first place. its beautiful blue color is like a slice of sky with a cool brown leather handle and a rainbow lining. it also didn’t hurt that it cost $9. so i guess i’ll go into my closet and get rid of some black pebbled leather so that i can hold a place for this in my closet, if for no other reason than 10 years ago i chose it, and today i still like it.