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Bag 8 – taken

You know I collect Fossils. Sometimes you have to give some away. Here’s a cute rose-colored purse that has a middle separator, three pockets inside, and a large outer pocket. If you like to stay organized, this is  a cute bag, but it’s a bit small for me. Email me at 50favbags@gmail.com if it speaks to you. Peace!



Bag 2 – taken

Bag 2 is a nice-sized cross body by Fossil, modeled by my lovely middle (and now, proudly, shortest) daughter Kaia. The bright pink gives the perfect pop with your neutrals. You know i love Fossil bags, and i couldn’t resist this one for $5 at St. Vincent de Paul. But how many Fossils does a person need? Wear this all spring and summer, then bust it back out for Advent. Make it yours by emailing me at 50favbags@gmail.com with Bag 2 as the subject line.

Forgot to mention: once a bag is claimed, i’ll add “Taken” to the blog title. This means if a bag doesn’t say taken, it’s still up for grabs and can be claimed anytime during the 40 days of Lent. Once Easter arrives, I’ll donate all leftovers to Dress for Success.


bag #5 – taken


If you love to travel, or need a lighter weight bag, try baggallini. They’re made with nylon and other sturdy, lightweight materials with lots of zipper pockets and card holders. Really, there’s a place for everything. I have a few from small to large that i’ve found at thrift stores, but you can find them at TJ Maxx and department stores. This one is a little dressier than my others. It has a satin finish, pleather handles and details, and a detachable shoulder strap. Email me at 50favbags.com if you like bag #5.

I went to the library to drop off a bag to a lovely recipient, and happily got free parking with a full meter close to the entrance. I tried to slip in, but was seen by two dear former colleagues. Their dedication to the library warms my heart – and not in a sarcastic way at all. Peace. TAKEN – thanks!

days 15-19

day 15 Sunday, April 19

2013-05-12 19.06.41On Sundays, I go smaller because i can. I love this pebbled leather pink Liz Claiborne purse; I’ve had it several years and it always feels new. This is another one that i wrote about two years ago. One of these days i’m going to count how many I still have from then. Lots are gone now; gone to a better place – someone else’s closet.

day 16 Monday, April 20

2013-04-15 21.57.33This is the bag that held up this post. On Thursday, I couldn’t remember what i had carried on Monday. This morning, i decided to just look at the bags and then i remembered: this blue Prague shoulder bag. It’s one i don’t use often, and then when i do, i wonder why i don’t use it more.

day 17 Tuesday, April 21

Woven things… i’ll never get sick of you. I saw this at the St. Vincent near my house, which can be a crapshoot on a good day. That day was a good day because i got this vintage bag with a woven front and leather everything else. What can i say, it’s found a new home and lots of friends at my house. I love the Southwest flavor and of course it’s got an African bead on it – so it’s got mixed ethnicity, like me. COOL!

day 18 Wednesday, April 22  

I like big bags and i cannot lie. But, this one almost went into the giveaway this year, because as much as i love it, it’s a black hole. This huge Margot black pebbled leather tote is almost a weekender; IT’S GIGANTIC. and if i’m saying that, it really is. I couldn’t part with it so of course i grabbed it for a work day. EVERY time i need my keys i need a search party or three arms. But what can i say – it does it’s job of carrying all of my stuff beautifully.

day 19 Thursday, April 23

Jaiya’s pick – this gray bag i got at Clothes Mentor, which i you haven’t heard of it, is like Once Upon a Child or Plato’s Closet for grown women. YESSSSSSSS! Plato’s Closet is a great source for purses, but they have this annoying habit of hanging them on skirt hangers, which of course RUINS the leather with a pinch mark. DUH people! Clothes Mentor is the bomb. I got this bag for $18 and of course searched it and found it still for sale for $200+. The taupey gray goes with lots (except brown) and has a convertible set of clasps which makes it smaller. Of course I unhook those babies and TOTE IT UP.

bag #26

IMG_2897OK today’s bag is a cute little BIsou Bisou purse perfect for anyone who love a pop of pink. Silver hardware with ivory whipstitching. Great for going out or to church. The faux buckle lifts to reveal a gusseted front pocket. This was donated by Jaiya, who models it and her newly temporarily straightened hair.

Happy Sunday!

TAKEN – thanks!


bag #5

IMG_7455Here’s a tote for someone with a lot to haul. This is one of those bags I still really like, but am giving up due to volume. I bought it at my favorite Goodwill for $5 because I loved the color and the faux-woven texture. I’m sure it’s one of those fragrance or cosmetics gift-with-purchase deals. It’s pleather, so you can wipe it down as needed. I’ve used this to carry a 15″ laptop, purse, water bottle and more. I’ve also taken it on the plane and it fits under the seat nicely. It has a tab snap closure. Wait, I’m about to talk myself into keeping it. NO, no, it’s yours if you email 50favbags@gmail.com.

So since yesterday Jaiya got to pick, I offered to let Kaia pick today. She was indifferent until I said “Ok, Jaiya you go pick and Kaia, you pick and I’ll see which one I want to do.” “But she got to pick by herself yesterday, it’s notfaaaaiiiiirrr…” and she made her selection. When I asked her why she choose this one, she said “I don’t know, it was the first one I saw.” Whatever. I’ll take what I can get from a 15-year-old. Photo by Kaia McKenney. TAKEN – thanks!