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day 48


ugg saddle bag


jingly tags

this ugg purse is one of my favorite scores from my spot, goodwill. i got it the same time i got my famed stolen calvin klein purse. sometimes, when it rains, it pours at that location, like my recent trip. i got this for $10, half off of $20. this is some of the softest leather that isn’t pebbled or italian. i didn’t have anything like this, so it was a very welcome addition to the family.

several of my friends have begged me to let them have this purse (you know who you are). the answer is no. when will i ever be able to afford a purse like this unless i get it at a resale store? the 12th of never, that’s when.

confession: this was hard to write today, because a friend of mine said on facebook that i should auction all of these purses off on the last day to “cleanse my soul”. this has really bothered me. the whole reason i took this on was to do something for myself, learn something about myself, and perhaps about my love of bags. i don’t think my soul needs cleansing. at least, not the way he suggested. i immediately got defensive and started to type a response, then i’d erase it. i started again, and again – but every response felt defensive. i don’t have a need or desire to defend my purse collection. if anyone thinks that my large collection makes me selfish, a hoarder, vacuous, materialistic, or whatever, that’s fine. i know myself and the good and bad i do in the world. after a day of struggling with that comment, i’m at peace. so is my soul. for now. i do have a kid about to graduate, remember? the peace doesn’t always last for long, but i certainly know how to seek it and find it. and on that note, i’m headed to church for Pentecost. peace.

day 26


2013-04-27 12.21.47

bag from Eric Carle Picture Book Museum in Amherst, MA


Stone Mountain hobo

my youngest is paying attention to what i’m doing. this morning, as i sat and stared, she  and remarked, “you’re halfway done, mom!” “go choose a bag,” i responded. she brought this bag we got from the Eric Carle Picture Book Museum. i will tell the eric carle story another time, but i steered her in a series of questions that led to her choosing the stone mountain bag: “get a green one. not that green one. not that green one either. yes, that’s that’s the one!”

i got this stone mountain bucket style hobo at a.j. wright maybe 10-11 years ago. it reminds me of spiring.