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bag 10 – claimed


Either I’m getting rid of ugly bags, or I was too harsh with the rules. Either way, there are lots of unclaimed bags up for grabs. If the blog post doesn’t say claimed, it’s still available.

OK for today’s bag, I’m giving away this beautiful suede mock-croc bag that somehow manages to have glitter in it too. And this glitter DOES NOT rub off. I got this at Goodwill last year; the color is a rich cognac. I must confess that I have to update the designer later; we had a flood in the basement and I haven’t been upstairs to check on that. I will update the blog when I can. Very roomy and the zipper slides like butter. If you’re interested email me at 50favbags@gmail.com with bag 10.

Sundays are Feast days and not part of the 40 days of Lent. So on Sunday peruse the bags still available. I’ll be at church hanging out with my youth group.


bag 1

It’s Valentine’s Day on Ash Wednedsay, so let’s start with a bag i purcahsed a few weeks ago at my favorite Goodwill. I was headed to a birthday party for a couple of my friends, and knew the perfect gift would be a bag. I walked in with seven minutes  to make my purchase before the store closed. I qiuckly grabbed four purses, including this cute red baby. It’s a no-name purse, but well made and very cute with moc croc and a puffy heart. Footed, adjustable strap, and lots of interior organization for such a small bag. Well, it’s small to me. Plenty of room for your purse basics. Those of you who know me know i need something to fit my water bottle. But this WILL fit a LaCroix. Modeled by my sweet angel babe Jaiya!! She’s almost 5’9″ for your reference.

The rules:

  1. follow the rules.
  2. email me at 50favbags@gmail.com with bag # if you’d like to claim it.
  3. i deliver or mail to you.
  4. please do not send me a message on facebook, text me, or corner me except to say “i emailed you at 50favbags@gmail.com.”
  5. how come i keep repeating the same thing? because, my loved friends, five years have taught me. repetition is important.
  6. any bags not claimed will go to Goodwill, unless they end up in a box under my desk at work. then, they go back into next year’s rotaiton, or to a friend who needs a spur-of-the-moment bag to go to the opera.

This year should be truly sacrificial. I don’t buy nearly as much as i used to. I mean i have cut my purchasing by 90%. It’s serious. I still get the urge to shop, but i act like a kid in a toy store wiht parents who say “don’t expect me to buy anything.” i play with the purses, appreciate them, take random pics, then leave it somewhere i know it will be found, purchased, and loved.

Email me at 50favbags@gmail.com with BAG 1 if you like this red heart cutie.


Bag 19 – taken

Here’s one i offered before, but somehow it ended up in a bag in my family room. Don’t ask. It’s a Maxx New York Signature mock crock shoulder bag with lots of organization inside, and outer pocket perfect for a phone or other items you need to keep handy. Bags with lots of pockets hold more than you think they would, and structured bags keep things organized and not lost like a black hole hobo. Email me at 50favbags@gmail.com if you like it, and it’s yours.


Bag 16 – taken

Years ago, i wore this purse to my friend and hairstylist’s house. When she saw it, she about snatched it off my shoulder, she liked it so much. She told me if i ever got rid of it to let her know. Well, that day has come. I found this mock-croc leather hobo at Goodwill. “Oh my gosh,” Jaiya said, “it has wings! What is all this!” “Style,” i informed her. Made by Viva of California, it’s vintage and cool. Email me at 50favbags@gmail.com if you like it.

Modeled by Kaia, photos by Jaiya. When i asked Kaia to model earlier today, she said, “I need to wait until Jaiya gets home to take the picture. Please?” These two.

bag #9

     In case you wondered if I’m having so much fun my giveaway doesn’t count as a Lenten discipline, here we go. This Maxx New York Signature is up for grabs today, and i do really like it. You can’t go wrong with mock croc; it’s a fall/winter classic. Carry it on your shoulder, or work the arm look and be fabulous. Croc-emobssed leather, two handles, lots of separate pockets and sections to keep your stuff niiiiiice. I picked this up a the Este St. Vincent de Paul a few months ago. After i took the pics i was like nooooooooo… but email me at 50favbags@gmail.com if you like it and it’s yours.

bag #43 still available 

IMG_1994Here’s a cute little black faux mock croc purse by emille m. This is a brand you can find sometimes at TJ Maxx. It’s got a colorful lining and inside zipper pocket. Got this one from a friend at one of my purse swaps. I won’t tell you what she got. 😉

You know what to do by now, right? Email 50favbags if you’re feeling it.


day 11


lane bryant mock croc structured hobo


up close and personal

as much as i love bags, it was hard to get motivated to do this today. i realized again that when you make a commitment to yourself, you have to treat it like a commitment you made so someone else and not blow yourself off. i committed to posting a bag a day so whether i want to or not, here i go.

i can remember seeing this bag while i was shopping for clothes at Lane Bryant three or four years ago. i was walking around browsing and saw it on the top of a rounder. i like structured hobos, and this has a long, detachable strap and the built-in handles to carry it on your arm. it’s huge, and can get a bit cavernous inside, but that usually is ok for me because i haul a lot of stuff. plus, big/tall women need big bags. sometimes, a little bag can just make you look bigger.

the exciting part about it was that as soon as i grabbed it, i started carrying it aroudn on my arm as if it were already mine. two other ladies saw me with it and wanted to know if there were more. one lady got lucky and got the last one, and one lady was sad. the store associate thanked me for not only buying one but selling the other! what can i say, i live to please.

i usually bust this out in fall and winter, but it was a rainy day today so i wore it with a purple dress and yellow bogs rain boots that i got at marshalls for $20. i always get compliments when i carry this bag, and when i tried to find an image of it online, i couldn’t – which means my librarian skills (20+ years) are slipping, or no one wants to part with it! i’m going with the latter.