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bag 3 – taken

So far, the totes remain unclaimed, so I asked Jaiya to dig deeper and get something smaller. 

Baggallini bags are great for travel, as they’re lightweight and extremely organized. Check out the pic where I’m holding the bag open: lots of slots for cards and small items, so you don’t have to have a separate wallet. Fill this little crossbody with your necessities and carry it when you want to leave everything else behind, then throw it in a larger tote or backpack. We will travel again, i’m a believer.

I’ve given several baggallinis away through the years, because I tend to purse rescue this brand. When I see them in the store, it’s clear the workers don’t know the value. They are very sturdy, and the bright interiors make it easy to see your stuff. The metallic fabric goes great with most colors. Read more and see more pics here.

If you like this bag, email 50favbags@gmail.com with bag 3, your name, your address. Peace!

day 5

I found this Isabella Fiore bag at Clothes Mentor a couple of years ago. I love everything about it: the beading – exquisite; the leather – divine; the zippers – like butter; the pulls – gorgeous; the woven handles – sigh. I hesitated to use it today because I thought I’d need it for a special occasion. Then I decided today was special.

days 30-39

Two more days until my journey ends. Here are days 30-39. I rediscovered some old favorites – all but day 32 were in the blog in April and May of 2013. One I’m getting rid of due to wear. So one new one in, one old one out – it’s balanced. That’s my ode to being a librarian not in work, but in life. My collection is smaller and stronger. Amen.

day 30

Monday, May 4, 2015 Stone Mountain

Monday, May 4, 2015 Stone Mountain

day 31

never leave home without a reusable shopping bag

Tuesday, May 5, 2015 – never leave home without a reusable shopping bag. This came with a Wilson’s silver leather tote bag that matches the accompanying cosmetics bag from Goodwill for $8.

day 32

Wednesday, May 6, 2015 The Sak

Wednesday, May 6, 2015 The Sak at The Society of the Transfiguration in Glendale

day 33

Thursay, May 7, 2015 Perlina from Goodwill

Thursday, May 7, 2015 Perlina from Goodwill

day 34

Friday May 8 The Sak in one of my favorite bag colors

Friday May 8 The Sak in one of my favorite bag colors

day 35

Saturday, May 9, 2015 Tignanello spectator at the ballet with Jaiya

Saturday, May 9, 2015
Tignanello spectator at the ballet with Jaiya

day 36

Thursday, May 23, 2015 my first Tignanello from TJ Maxx

Sunday, May 10, 2015 my first Tignanello from TJ Maxx

day 37

Monday May 11, 2015 Cool bag from TJ Maxx

Monday May 11, 2015 Cool bag from TJ Maxx

day 38

Tuesday, May 12, 2015 Lane Bryant mock croc

Tuesday, May 12, 2015 Lane Bryant mock croc

day 39

Wednesday May 13 Devi Kroell for Target

Wednesday May 13 Devi Kroell for Target

bag #8

IMG_2739 IMG_5519

Ok bag lovers, this was a gooooood deal. This pewter Hype bag was chillin’ in the back of the St. Vincent dePaul, and they clearly did not understand that this was a high-end bag when they charged $5.99 for it. You can find the fakes in the front of the store for twice that or more.

I usually don’t spend much on bags. But one year I was looking for a white purse, and I couldn’t find one I liked. Then one day in TJ Maxx in the Rookwood, I saw this white Hype bag and that was IT. I had just gotten a promotion, so i said congratulations to myself and spent $100 on the bag. That’s how I know this bag is worth at least that retail. Regardless, it’s in great shape and free to a good home.

This metallic bag has six exterior pockets with magnetic or zippered closures, a large zippered interior with 3 pockets, and two magnetic-close outer pockets. Paisley-lined.

Email 50favbags@gmail.com if you’re interested. If you email the blog, nothing will happen. I don’t intend to publish requests to the blog.


TAKEN – thanks!

day 23


wilson’s leather tote


wristlet and nylon tote

i shared a beautiful, spirit-led and spirit-filled day with a wonderful group of people. today’s bag was needed to haul my laptop (i’m taking minutes for our board meeting) and all my gear for a long day away from the hotel. this wilson’s leather tote fit the bill perfectly. i got it for $10 at my goodwill last week. it came with not one, not two, but three bags. the big silver leather bag, a wristlet, and a nylon shopper. i used them all today and i was so thankful to have such a beautiful way to shlep my stuff. i checked and found some on sale at ebay for $75 – the retail price is $100. what! another good score.

i took these photos at All Saints Episcopal Church in Highland Park, just before meeting with their youth group. and i do mean just before, and sorry i’m too tired to crop the top pic. we were there to learn from the people in the church about their ministry, and learn we did. it’s easy to see why people love this church – everyone was warm, welcoming, hospitable, and happy to share with us. i feel so fortunate and blessed to have had such a wonderful day with them and with my colleagues.

but frankly i am wiped out. i will sleep hard tonight, with a last meeting and then all day travel tomorrow. peace.

day 17


devi kroell for target bag from 2007

devi kroell for target. i love when the designers do target, but usually i can’t do the clothes because they don’t make plus sized. like big girls don’t want designer style! so, i accessorize.

i have really enjoyed this bag for the last 5+ years. it’s bigger than it looks, and has held up very well with its pleather self. it’s a great rainy day bag, dressy or casual.

it’s a keeper.

day 3


baggallini crossbody lounging at the omni


zipper pull detail – you have to feel it to believe it

this week posed a challenge for me, as i am in san diego at the Episcopal Communicators conference. i also was steadfastly opposed to checking a bag. so i sacrificed a pair of shoes to make room for the 3 additional bags i had to bring to stay true to my self-imposed challenge. this little baby bag is by baggallini, known for portability and easy travel.

i scored this one at the st. vincent de paul near me for $4. i don’t usually carry small bags, but since it’s a crossbody which actually goes across my body, i had to get it and i’m so glad i did. it fit all of my essentials, has lots of pockets and pouches and fit perfectly in my laptop briefcase with my ever-present water bottle and magazines. and check out the zipper pulls! ergonomically awesome. matte brushed nickel. i could play with the zippers for… ok i’ll stop. but i will say that i saw the same bag at tj maxx on tuesday evening for $24.99. whaaaaaaat!

i took a picture of it on the plane, but it turned out like my flight – awful. i was totally nervous about the flight, but not about the right stuff, apparently. live and learn! i’m so glad to be in this beautiful city in a fabulous hotel – so in the end, a good day. i had fun with this bag!

day 1

banana republic pebbled leather hobo

banana republic pebbled leather hobo

pewter Banana Republic

grommet detail – because i love grommets

My day 1 bag is my new fave, and the one i’ve been carrying since i bought it 3 weeks ago. It’s a beautiful banana republic pebbled leather metallic hobo – buttery soft and fun to touch. It holds a lot – including my no-spill coffee mug, water bottle and magazines among my other accoutrement. I found this one at my favorite place to thrift – a Goodwill that i frequent weekly. I paid $5 for it, since i happened to go on a 50% off day. YESSSSSSSSS! It’ll be tough to leave it for 49 days…