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day 17

Today I drove up to the base with David and worked in the car while he worked inside. I was going to bring my backpack but then this bag was in my room. I thought about taking it to Spain and decided against it. It’s a Wenger bag and it’s definitely the most stylish item I had popping today. I took it to Episcopal Communicators in 2015 which must be when I got it because the details in the post say I got it for $10 on half off day at the Woodlawn Goodwill.

bag 36

Ok so the guys out there don’t feel neglected, here’s a computer briefcase by Incase. Room for your laptop, cords, headphones, and lots of other papers/magazines/small books and other items of that ilk. Large zip pocket in front and a little phone or key pouch on the back. A couple of little marks on the front won’t prevent you from carrying your stuff stylishly. Dawn or oxyclean will likely solve it.

Email me at 50favbags.com with bag 36.