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bag 38

This Ogio backpack was at the St. Vincent de Paul on Este just hanging around waiting to be rescued. It’s a great backpack with padded straps and exterior cupholders. Those are backpack musts for me – and I need two cupholders. This is in pristine condition. If you’re in touch with yourself the ESPN W will only encourage you. Yes, Eric Carle’s Very Busy Spider hangs in my office.

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day 2

Lent giveaway bags still left, scroll down to view: bags 6, 7, 17, 19, 20, 21, 23, 30, 31, 33, 39.

The girls and I like a band that sponsors Puma, so now we are into all things Puma. I needed a backpack, and after the Everlane backpack didn’t work out, i found this at TJ Maxx for $20. That’s my kind of backpack. it has a computer sleeve, two large sections, a top pocket perfect for my phone and a bottom pocket filled with tissues, napkins, wooden coffee stirrers and real cutlery as i’m on a mission to reduce my plastic use. So today i highlight this bag and will often be carrying it with a smaller bag inside.

day 6


oiled leather backpack

and here’s why i called the blog favorite bags, not favorite purses. i found this no-name (and believe me, i’ve looked everywhere) oiled leather laptop backpack for $8 at my favorite goodwill. It has served me well going back and forth to work, as it has enough pockets for anything you could think to store.

so when i had to travel to san diego this week, i used this as my second carry on bag. it fit my laptop, reading material, the baggallini purse from day 3, cords, wireless mouse, business cards, and more. most importantly, it fit under the seat easily.

the conference i attended was educational and lots of fun. the icing was meeting several people who love thrifting as much as i do. that said, i’m jet-lagged, and so, so, so glad to be home to my family.