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bag 38 – claimed

All day long I was like “I’m going to post earlier” and then I look at the time and it’s 10:30pm est. Alright.

Today’s bag is a bag I found new at Goodwill; I thought it was so cool to use as a gym bag so that’s what I’ve done. The thing I find, though, is that unless I’m swimming, I don’t go to the locker room. I live very close to the gym and with my hair and everything I’m not going all the way down there when there.

So here is this really nice bag by Rare Earth by Stone Mountain.

If you like this bag, email me at 50favbags@gmail.com with bag 38, your name, your address. Peace.

Days 22 & 23

IMG_0555Today i went to the JCC to soak in the whirlpool; my whole body was aching from that 5K. I got this bag at St. Vincent de Paul in Mt. Washington NWT – that’s new with tags for you non-resale folks. It’s a brand called Rare Earth by Stone Mountain. Click here to see it on Amazon, the photos are much better there. I got mine for $15. I LOVE IT. It looks a little like a diaper bag, but it’s a true gym bag complete with the wet clothes bag and a place for EVERYTHING, including stuff i don’t have. I used it as luggage for our little graduation overnight in Ann Arbor, and today it was perfect for the gym. Thanks to whomever did not like it and gave it to St. Vincent.



I know Vera Bradley is so five years ago, but so what? They’re well made, lightweight, and some of the patterns are the bomb. I really like this black, white, and yellow pattern with birds and flowers. The end. Sure, they get dirty – this pattern will probably hide dirt better than others; time will tell. It was $8 at Goodwill where “seniors” over 50 get 10% off all the time. ALL THE TIME.