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day 11

I got this gray tote at clothes mentor a couple of years ago for $18. It’s by Reiss, with the softest leather you’ll find. Loved using this one today.


bag 30

This is a stylish bag perfect for situations where you need to travel light. The middle section holds stuff and the two outer sections have their own zipper compartments. This one is by Travelon. I always rescue these and baggalinis because they’re moderately expensive, even in TJ Maxx. Email me with bag 30 at 50favbags@gmail.com if you’d like it.

Bag 37 – taken

So I couldn’t leave this cutie in the store. Genuine made in the USA in Detroit, the original Harvey seatbelt bag is a timeless reminder to reduce, reuse and recycle while looking fabulous. Email me at 50favbags@gmail.com if you feel this one. 

Bag 28 – taken

The girls and I make fun of David sometimes because he’ll wear a blue shirt with black pants and brown shoes.We’re like, DUDE! Then why did i buy this purse that mixes three neutrals? Tignanello color blocked black, brown and gray in this large shoulder bag, and of course it works. They lined it with a beautiful, satiny print, gave it two side zipper pockets and three interior sections, and put it out there in the world for me to find it at the St. Vincent de Paul. If you like this one, email me at 50favbags@gmail.com. Then go ahead and mix your neutrals, or wear something super bright and let this bag ground you.

PS Jaiya is really getting into this modeling thing. Especially when i photograph her close to her bedtime.

days 15-19

day 15 Sunday, April 19

2013-05-12 19.06.41On Sundays, I go smaller because i can. I love this pebbled leather pink Liz Claiborne purse; I’ve had it several years and it always feels new. This is another one that i wrote about two years ago. One of these days i’m going to count how many I still have from then. Lots are gone now; gone to a better place – someone else’s closet.

day 16 Monday, April 20

2013-04-15 21.57.33This is the bag that held up this post. On Thursday, I couldn’t remember what i had carried on Monday. This morning, i decided to just look at the bags and then i remembered: this blue Prague shoulder bag. It’s one i don’t use often, and then when i do, i wonder why i don’t use it more.

day 17 Tuesday, April 21

Woven things… i’ll never get sick of you. I saw this at the St. Vincent near my house, which can be a crapshoot on a good day. That day was a good day because i got this vintage bag with a woven front and leather everything else. What can i say, it’s found a new home and lots of friends at my house. I love the Southwest flavor and of course it’s got an African bead on it – so it’s got mixed ethnicity, like me. COOL!

day 18 Wednesday, April 22  

I like big bags and i cannot lie. But, this one almost went into the giveaway this year, because as much as i love it, it’s a black hole. This huge Margot black pebbled leather tote is almost a weekender; IT’S GIGANTIC. and if i’m saying that, it really is. I couldn’t part with it so of course i grabbed it for a work day. EVERY time i need my keys i need a search party or three arms. But what can i say – it does it’s job of carrying all of my stuff beautifully.

day 19 Thursday, April 23

Jaiya’s pick – this gray bag i got at Clothes Mentor, which i you haven’t heard of it, is like Once Upon a Child or Plato’s Closet for grown women. YESSSSSSSS! Plato’s Closet is a great source for purses, but they have this annoying habit of hanging them on skirt hangers, which of course RUINS the leather with a pinch mark. DUH people! Clothes Mentor is the bomb. I got this bag for $18 and of course searched it and found it still for sale for $200+. The taupey gray goes with lots (except brown) and has a convertible set of clasps which makes it smaller. Of course I unhook those babies and TOTE IT UP.

bag #31

IMG_2914 IMG_2916Ralph Lauren is happening today, in the form of this cute plaid bag from St. Vincent for $3. I think this may have been half off, too – so make that $1.50. Leather handle and trim, silver hardware with a gray plaid pattern. New inside with a zipper pocket. I consider this small at 9″x7″. Email me at 50favbags@gmail.com if you’re interested.

I think it’s so cute how people consider this a contest that you can win. I mean, you are winning when you get a purse, it’s true. But unlike many things in life, you can win more than once here. If you’ve already gotten a bag, but see another one you like, email me and let’s see what happens.

One thing I’ve realized this Lent is that Lent is 40 days, but there are more than 40 days separating Ash Wednesday and Easter. I’ve never counted before, and while I’ve read Lenten devotionals in the past, I didn’t remember or didn’t know that Sundays aren’t included in Lent. So, you win – there will be 46 bags instead of 40. Those Holy Week bags will be bonus bags. I’d better find six more purses out of my collection, which will truly challenge me. We all know how hard it is to let go sometimes.

Happy Friday!

TAKEN. thanks!

bag #15

IMG_2798 IMG_2796

“Do you have any small bags?” asked a friend or three.

Small bags are cute, but I don’t find them very functional. Somehow, I end up with a few for going-out purposes. This little gray crossbody from the sak is from their signature line of hand-crochet bags was a gift for my then-13-y-o middle daughter from my dad. She was like… no. So, she passed it on to me. It’s around 5″ square, giving you room for phone, cards and whatnot. He got it at Legacies, a great resale spot for furniture and all in Hyde Park Plaza. Love my dad – he means well, but I always tell him to just give her $$$.

Email me at 50favbags@gmail.com if you’d like this one.

J and I are hoping to get to Alvin Ailey tonight – fingers crossed!

TAKEN – thanks.