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bag 5 – taken

Here is a yellow, mostly leather convertible bag by the sak that I got myself as a Christmas gift in 2013. This was the year I started the practice of getting myself a gift, wrapping it, and opening it like I had no idea what it was. Read more about that here.

It has served me well, cheering me and others up on rainy or cloudy days, bringing an extra ray of sunshine on sunny days. It’s got a strap that snaps under the bottom when you want to carry it as a handbag.

Full disclosure – it’s got a little blemish in the front that a little clear nail polish will fix.

If you like bag 5, email me at 50favbags@gmail.com with bag 5, your name, and your address. Peace.

day 42

I got this yellow pebbled leather convertible shoulder and handle bag by The Sak for Christmas for myself a couple of years ago. Sometimes certain people can give some strange gifts so I’ve learned to be prepared with a gift for myself I’m sure I’ll like. It’s called self care. And what could be better care than a yellow bag to brighten any day of the week?

bag #15

IMG_2798 IMG_2796

“Do you have any small bags?” asked a friend or three.

Small bags are cute, but I don’t find them very functional. Somehow, I end up with a few for going-out purposes. This little gray crossbody from the sak is from their signature line of hand-crochet bags was a gift for my then-13-y-o middle daughter from my dad. She was like… no. So, she passed it on to me. It’s around 5″ square, giving you room for phone, cards and whatnot. He got it at Legacies, a great resale spot for furniture and all in Hyde Park Plaza. Love my dad – he means well, but I always tell him to just give her $$$.

Email me at 50favbags@gmail.com if you’d like this one.

J and I are hoping to get to Alvin Ailey tonight – fingers crossed!

TAKEN – thanks.