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bag 15 – claimed

Giani Bernini is a high-quality Macy’s brand of bags. I find them often at Goodwill and St. Vincent, but not always in this excellent condition. This coated cotton bag has lots of zipper pockets and pouches, leather straps and accents, and a very colorful cotton interior. There’s even a detachable coin purse! If you like bags that have lots of organization with a place for everything, this bag is for you.

Yesterday I offered a coated cotton bag and I admit I’m drawn to them thanks because they’re lightweight, durable, and easy to clean for folks like me who are prone to spills. The two-toned neutral fabrics will go with just about anything so it makes a good everyday bag for any season.

When I’m in the thrift store looking at bags, I always check the brand and if I’m not familiar with it, I research it. Lots of quality bags come your way due to my willingness to sit and research – which many thrift store folks do not do, hence they price high-quality bags at a low price.

If you like this bag, email me at 50favbags@gmail.com with the following information: bag 14, your name, your address. Thanks!

bag 4 – claimed

Wow, the day got away from me again! Left home late this afternoon to go to the gym; ended up at the thrift store instead. It was my 6th workout day, so i thought the thrift store needed me more. Here’s a bag i got at the Woodlawn Goodwill that you will love if you like bright colors and staying organized. Giani Bernini shoulder bag with a big inside area, two outer zipper areas, and lots of little pouches and pockets front to back. Leather and pleather in all the right places, but mostly leather. It’s a pinkish-red color. Email me at 50favbags@gmail.com if you like it with bag 4.



bag #30

IMG_2906Time flies when you’re having fun giving away bags. Today’s bag is in the same family as bag #20; it’s another red Giani Bernini. I got this one at the St. Vincent de Paul near my house for $4.50 – I love it when it’s half off purses! It has so much organization. But, too small for me. If you like it, email me at 50favbags@gmail.com. TAKEN – thanks!IMG_2907 IMG_2908

bag #20

IMG_5243 IMG_8248 IMG_7350 IMG_3471Today is my birthday, so i got you some presents! It was so fun to thrift today, especially at Goodwill, where you get half off everything on your birthday. Just so happens that St. Vincent dePaul had purses half off today, so i picked up this red Giani Bernini for $4. Many of you have asked for red so since it was the third time I saw it, i figured one of you was meant to have it.

About 12″ long, lots of pockets including an interior front pocket, zippered separator and of course the keychain. Email me at 50favbags@gmail.com if you like this one.

I had a great day, and am now baking myself a cake and heading to Maggiano’s with my family. Peace!

TAKEN – thanks!

bag #3

This Giani Bernini is up for grabs today. What made me buy it is that i have a daughter in college who is a bagphobe. She wants to carry a purse, but secretly really wants it to be a backpack so she can stay organized. (This is my analysis, she won’t admit it.) I thought she’d like this bag because it has 10 pockets, including a big zippered interior with two outer pockets. Whatever, I’m a sucker for coated cotton.

Needless to say, she didn’t like it. So here you go. I checked online just now, and to my surprise these bags retail for $99 at Macy’s.

Maybe the mitwbp@gmail email is to complicated. Email me there or at 50favbags@gmail.com if you’re interested in this bag.

Now my girls, who have been off of school for the ENTIRE week, are headed to Trader Joe’s to shore up for this next blizzard. Stay warm out there, people – especially my friends in Arizona and Panama.IMG_2710


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TAKEN! Thanks!