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day 20

Kipling. I love this purse and it’s in my usual rotation. Particularly great for traveling because it’s light and the rectangular shape holds a lot more stuff than rounded bags.

This week I would have been in Savannah for the Episcopal Communicators conference. I bring this bag every year to that event for the reasons stated above. Hope to be in person soon. But not too soon.

day 13

Today I used my sweet little deerskin bag that I got at the Ann Arbor Art Fair around 26 years ago. It’s great for when I have no pockets, like today when I had to speak to a group of Cathedral Deans and needed a place to put our pocket-sized devotional. Man I whipped that booklet out of my bag so fast… thanks old friend for carrying my phone and keys too.

days 30-39

Two more days until my journey ends. Here are days 30-39. I rediscovered some old favorites – all but day 32 were in the blog in April and May of 2013. One I’m getting rid of due to wear. So one new one in, one old one out – it’s balanced. That’s my ode to being a librarian not in work, but in life. My collection is smaller and stronger. Amen.

day 30

Monday, May 4, 2015 Stone Mountain

Monday, May 4, 2015 Stone Mountain

day 31

never leave home without a reusable shopping bag

Tuesday, May 5, 2015 – never leave home without a reusable shopping bag. This came with a Wilson’s silver leather tote bag that matches the accompanying cosmetics bag from Goodwill for $8.

day 32

Wednesday, May 6, 2015 The Sak

Wednesday, May 6, 2015 The Sak at The Society of the Transfiguration in Glendale

day 33

Thursay, May 7, 2015 Perlina from Goodwill

Thursday, May 7, 2015 Perlina from Goodwill

day 34

Friday May 8 The Sak in one of my favorite bag colors

Friday May 8 The Sak in one of my favorite bag colors

day 35

Saturday, May 9, 2015 Tignanello spectator at the ballet with Jaiya

Saturday, May 9, 2015
Tignanello spectator at the ballet with Jaiya

day 36

Thursday, May 23, 2015 my first Tignanello from TJ Maxx

Sunday, May 10, 2015 my first Tignanello from TJ Maxx

day 37

Monday May 11, 2015 Cool bag from TJ Maxx

Monday May 11, 2015 Cool bag from TJ Maxx

day 38

Tuesday, May 12, 2015 Lane Bryant mock croc

Tuesday, May 12, 2015 Lane Bryant mock croc

day 39

Wednesday May 13 Devi Kroell for Target

Wednesday May 13 Devi Kroell for Target

day 49

2013-05-19 16.09.49

cowrie shell backsack from Pier 1 – circa 1985, making this vintage

today is really day 50 in the world of the 50 days of Easter. but for me, it’s day 49 on my journey. i brought it full circle with a bag i’ve had for around 28 years. back in my high school days – early to mid ’80s, Pier 1 sold clothing, scarves, bags and earrings. the stuff was so cool – boho long before the word boho existed. i couldn’t wear a lot of the clothes, maybe a skirt here or there, but i could definitely work with the scarves and bags. i got this one when i was maybe a senior in high school. sometime around there. i was drawn to the shells.

so how has this bag stayed in the family when many others i’ve had through the years have been given away? it’s the shells. i love cowrie shells. maybe you’ve heard, but wikipedia can tell you: they were used as currency in Africa, Asia, and North America, and also as a sign of rank and authority in some cultures. they are also worn as jewelry and adornment in clothing and the hair, and are a sign of womanhood and fertility. i made a cowrie shell necklace for my wedding and put a fertility symbol on it to boot, and wore cowries in my hair. let’s just say it worked and leave it there.

i think cowries are beautiful. they also feel great to play with – i read they’re also used as dice. i have a dish of them in my living room. i grabbed this purse because i knew i was at the end of this journey and it woudn’t be complete without this bag, as it has been with me for so long. also, i needed red for Pentecost. my church, Calvary Episcopal Church, had a joint service with my childhood parish, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church at a park in Mt. Airy forest. what a blessing THAT was!

the bag’s faded a little through the years, in part because i have it handing on my closet door where i can see it every day.

as i typed those words i was overcome with emotion. doing this work has reminded me of the many lessons that the strong women in my life, primarily mom and Joy, have taught me: live in the moment. appreciate and enjoy what you have. try to make someone else’s life better on your way. of course there are more, like those involving raggedy underwear… but we’ll leave those alone for now.

i remember one day coming home from working at the downtown library. we were living with my parents while david was getting his mba and n was a baby. this particular day, i had been asked for money by homeless people repeatedly. i asked mom, what do you do when people ask you? i feel bad when i don’t give, but i don’t always want to. here’s what she said: when the spirit moves you to give, give. if you don’t feel moved, don’t. either way, pray for that person and keep going. and pray for yourself to be open to the voice of the spirit within you.

happy Pentecost.

day 48


ugg saddle bag


jingly tags

this ugg purse is one of my favorite scores from my spot, goodwill. i got it the same time i got my famed stolen calvin klein purse. sometimes, when it rains, it pours at that location, like my recent trip. i got this for $10, half off of $20. this is some of the softest leather that isn’t pebbled or italian. i didn’t have anything like this, so it was a very welcome addition to the family.

several of my friends have begged me to let them have this purse (you know who you are). the answer is no. when will i ever be able to afford a purse like this unless i get it at a resale store? the 12th of never, that’s when.

confession: this was hard to write today, because a friend of mine said on facebook that i should auction all of these purses off on the last day to “cleanse my soul”. this has really bothered me. the whole reason i took this on was to do something for myself, learn something about myself, and perhaps about my love of bags. i don’t think my soul needs cleansing. at least, not the way he suggested. i immediately got defensive and started to type a response, then i’d erase it. i started again, and again – but every response felt defensive. i don’t have a need or desire to defend my purse collection. if anyone thinks that my large collection makes me selfish, a hoarder, vacuous, materialistic, or whatever, that’s fine. i know myself and the good and bad i do in the world. after a day of struggling with that comment, i’m at peace. so is my soul. for now. i do have a kid about to graduate, remember? the peace doesn’t always last for long, but i certainly know how to seek it and find it. and on that note, i’m headed to church for Pentecost. peace.

day 28

2013-04-28 21.38.57i was excited to bust out purse i got a few weeks ago at st. vincent de paul’s. this whole east-west thing with purses having a trapeze shape is happening right now, and while i think it’s cool, i’m not so into my purse looking like you should be trying to tuck in the sides. so when i saw this purse i thought ok, i’ll rock the shape but in this cool pattern and for $3. score! wore it to church today, which is always fun. today was our heifer fair – if you don’t know about this wonderful organization, check them out at http://www.heifer.org.



back to the purse. once i saw the pattern, it was mission: no bag left behind. here are a couple of closeups of the boat and trees. the handles are wire covered in black tubing with leather top handles. the inside has 3 pockets, which help. this is definitely a purse i’d use for a special occasion or for sunday, but it’s just not practical enough for everyday wear – it doesn’t hold my water bottle, and you know by now that’s the dealbreaker.

my girls really like this one, especially my youngest – she’s been waiting for me to use it for several days now. she’ll have to find something else to think about – like whether or not she packed her dance stuff in her backpack. hmmm?

day 22


travelon butterfly purse outside of the burbank airport


tissues and luna bars in the huge exterior pouch

so i’m on the west coast again, this time in burbank for Forward Movement’s board meeting. since there are no do overs, i found a reason to use this travelon bag that i got at goodwill for $3. it has a butterfly on it, and i thought my oldest daughter would love it. i thought wrong. so, i kept it, thinking one day i might travel and find this bag useful. i thought right.

as it’s designed for travel, it has 2 exterior front zip pockets, 2 interior pouches and one interior zip pocket, and the back has a big organizer section that i couldn’t even begin to fill. it fit perfectly in my backpack and is super lightweight. and to top it off, i love the brushed nickel zipper pulls. i’m a sucker for brushed nickel.

ok if you’re ever in burbank, go to this restaurant called the castaway. i’m sitting here now eating my leftovers and it is delicious. http://www.castaway restaurant.com/burbank i can vouch for the tempura shrimp, the broccoli and the crab cake. and when you take leftovers, always get the sauce. unless, that is, you don’t like sauce. then don’t. here’s a couple of photos of the view. thankful to be here. peace



day 4


insidersny.com hand-painted leather bag

this bag was just waiting for me at my aforementioned favorite Goodwill. it called to me from across the store, and when i touched the buttery soft leather, i was sold. $6. i looked up the company online, insidersny.com – and found that the bag is still for sale for $190! their bags and accessories sport photos hand-painted on the leather. they have lines of other cities, too. check out their site. made in brooklyn!

this is a very cool bag of my favorite city; my spiritual home.

i worked in new york for a year, and lived in nj for a year and a half, and if i could pick up and move today it would be to nyc, or somewhere near enough to take the train into the city. i haven’t been back in 19 years, but my day will come… oh yes, my day will come.

the bag served me well today at the Episcopal Communicators convention. it held all of my stuff, folder, water bottle and snacks. (best snack table i’ve ever seen – it included pop chips, pirate’s booty and frozen fruit bars!)

and yes, i snapped this photo in the second most beautiful hotel bathroom i’ve ever seen.

day 3


baggallini crossbody lounging at the omni


zipper pull detail – you have to feel it to believe it

this week posed a challenge for me, as i am in san diego at the Episcopal Communicators conference. i also was steadfastly opposed to checking a bag. so i sacrificed a pair of shoes to make room for the 3 additional bags i had to bring to stay true to my self-imposed challenge. this little baby bag is by baggallini, known for portability and easy travel.

i scored this one at the st. vincent de paul near me for $4. i don’t usually carry small bags, but since it’s a crossbody which actually goes across my body, i had to get it and i’m so glad i did. it fit all of my essentials, has lots of pockets and pouches and fit perfectly in my laptop briefcase with my ever-present water bottle and magazines. and check out the zipper pulls! ergonomically awesome. matte brushed nickel. i could play with the zippers for… ok i’ll stop. but i will say that i saw the same bag at tj maxx on tuesday evening for $24.99. whaaaaaaat!

i took a picture of it on the plane, but it turned out like my flight – awful. i was totally nervous about the flight, but not about the right stuff, apparently. live and learn! i’m so glad to be in this beautiful city in a fabulous hotel – so in the end, a good day. i had fun with this bag!