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bag 6

Let me get this over with quickly. I mentioned this year would be sacrificial = so to prepare, I got a bunch of bags together several months ago so I wouldn’t agonize about my choices in the beginning. When I pulled this out of the bag, I began to barter with myself, and *almost* took it back. Then I sighed, waited until a few minutes ago, snapped these pics, and here we are.

I got this bag when Target first started partnering with designers for special, short-run lines. This Isaac Mizrahi tote converts from a bowling-bag style when snapped to a large tote when unsnapped at the sides. Carry it with the handles or crossbody. I’ve put this bag in the giveaway for a few years and always rescued it. Time for someone else to enjoy it.

BTW this is a non-leather bag, but even after use, it’s in great shape. Email 50favbags@gmail.com and request bag 6.


Day 4 a day late, wow

IMG_0353Here’s me and my Kipling at the airport picking up a lovely gentleman for our Episcopal Communicators conference. Thought i’d come home and post it – yeah right. This is the bag I use when i just need it all to work. Fits an iPad, water bottle, and all the rest. A place for everything and… you know the rest. Glad i found this at the thrift store, gave it to my oldest, then reclaimed it. NO NIA you can’t have it back.

Bag 36 – taken 

I bought this tan vegan cross body tote by ana (JC Penny brand) for my daughter, Nia. Since she left it here, I’m going to assume she doesn’t want it. You might, though, since it has a long strap, two handles, and lots of pockets and pouches. Snap closure  It’s lightweight and great for someone with lots to carry. Email me at 50 fav bags@gmail.com if you’re interested.

Still available: Bag 1, Bag 5, Bag 8, Bag 11, Bag 13, Bag 33, Bag 34, Bag 35. These are headed to Dress for Success if not claimed. Peace.

Bag 22 – taken

IMG_0112Jaiya got to choose the bag today, and she chose this sweet little drawstring purse that I got at some little store in Athens, OH years and years ago. Can’t think of the name of it, but it’s still there. This is a cute cross body for a small person, or that bag-in-a-bag concept. Makes a great evening bag for someone who likes to keep it nutty-crunchy. Email me at 50favbags@gmail.com if you like little woven drawstring purses.

We decided to take the pics on our first trip back to Glenwood Gardens in many months. How cute is my sweet babe with all this new life?

Bag 20 – taken 


Keeping it real – i’m sick today, and didn’t have the energy to take new photos. Here’s a very cute cross body bag by the sak that i found at St. Vincent de Paul for $7. Colorblocked red pebbled leather, smooth tan leather accented with black whipstiched leather, this little baby will go with lots of different looks. Perfect blend of dressy casual – it could go either way. Detachable strap means its a cross body, shoulder bag or clutch. Goldtone accents, around 6″x9″. This would be great to have in a bigger bag so you don’t always have to schlep your giant purse to lunch or out to Myrtle’s. Not that i know anyone who does that. Email 50favbags@gmail.com with Bag 20 if you’re feeling it.

There are a few other bags still available, scroll through the titles and if it doesn’t say taken, it’s up for grabs. Peace.

Bag 17 – taken


modeled by Lynn Sullivan

Green has been my favorite color as long as I can remember. When your favorite color becomes a trend, it’s your chance to choose clothes and bags that you wouldn’t get to choose under other circumstances, so take advantage. The good news there is that when people get tired of that trend, the stuff goes to the thrift store, which is where i found this tote from The Sak. Green pebbled leather, with a cross body strap and longer shoulder straps, this tote will work, travel, or both. Why would i get rid of my favorite color, favorite type of leather, and favorite designer? Because a person can have too much of a good thing. And, it’s part of the sacrifice. So if you get this bag, enjoy it! 50favbags@gmail.com.

day 50

2013-05-20 21.25.22

handmade art fair cross body

today i must end my 50 days with this deerskin crossbody that i bought at the ann arbor art fair in 1991. i don’t let myself think about ann arbor too much. it was such a wonderful time in my life before i got married and had my sweeties. i don’t dwell – it’s dangerous.

using this bag means paring down to the bare essentials. that’s what my life was like then – i had just finished grad school and started my first real job. all i needed on a regular basis fit in this purse. i used it daily for a long time, especially at work. it was like a cool fanny pack – yes, that’s what was going on back then.

12 years and three girls later, i got fashion-minded again, and realized that a large body can make a small purse look like a tic tac. i went back to carrying large purses again. factor kids into the mix and i’m hauling an arsenal to ward off any malady or mishap. seriously – who has kids and isn’t leaving the house without child and adult pain relief? neosporin? cortisone? children’s pepto? can i get a band-aid? i’m always out of those.

i really did have everything i needed today while out shopping with my good friend and “like a mom” Joy. i took her to my favorite thrift stores, and we discovered a new one together – the American Cancer Society Discovery Shop, where the workers are volunteers and all of the profits go to the Society. with my mom dying of cancer, i’m happy to add it to my repertoire. the prices were great. if you have one near you, check it out.

so with this being my day 50, what did i learn? i can do something i set out to do for no other reason than i want to do it. and because i have a hard time saying goodbye, i’ll leave an opening to reflect and write about this experience.

i got the courage to start a more long-term blog. this one is called thriftinnati – devoted to my thrifting exploits and overall bargain shopping. i won’t be posting daily! weekly, likely. www.thriftinnati.com starting soon.

thanks to any and all on this road! and no, i’m not selling any of these bags! maybe some others in my closet, though… stay tuned.