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day 1

IMG_1588Preface: the giveaway is over – you have until Monday evening April 13 to choose from unclaimed bags before I take them to Dress for Success.

Happy Easter!!

Starting today, I celebrate my collection of bags for the 50 days of Easter, which ends on Pentecost. For the past eight years, I’ve carried a different bag every day for the 50 days of Easter. Changing bags every day is no joke! Even though I’m not going anywhere, I’m going to continue my practice. One thing I’m doing in my work life at Forward Movement and Calvary Episcopal Church is staying consistent in our messaging. I think I need to do that for myself, too.

Today I was thinking about this – It’s Easter – and my family and I had dinner together, but we did not dress up. We thought about it but decided not to. Which makes me wonder – why do we dress up? Why do we put on our Easter finest? Do we do it for others, or for ourselves? Maybe now is not the time to ask this question when my mental state is not the best, because the answer would probably be different. Anyway.

Today’s bag is from Fossil. I used it to deliver chocolate crosses to my youth group. I got this messenger bag from Goodwill in the last six months or so. It’s canvas with leather trim, with a padded laptop sleeve and an adjustable strap. Very gender neutral, which I love. Not that David will ever use it – he has his own bags. Yeah, that I bought for him.

day 25

DKNY safari style crossbody with an appearance by Shooky. Such a great bag. Those designers think of all the little details.

day 2

Yesterday’s bag is a Fossil saddlebag I found at the thrift store a few years ago. This pic is at Walnut Hills High School, my beloved school where i thought a steel drum concert was happening. Even though I was wrong, I’m always happy to breathe the rarefied air of WHHS.

As for the bag, it’s a little too small. If I put my water bottle in, the flap doesn’t close all the way. Whatever. I still like it. Long live vintage.

day 37

Fossil saddlebag crossbody leather and canvas with brushed nickel hardware. I know that wasn’t a sentence; I’m too tired to be creative. I’ve always been fascinated with the mail pouch look. If it were bigger I’d use it more. Water bottle is too big.