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Day 14

Today I didn’t go anywhere; as i continue to recover i need one day of rest and elevation. So let me tell you about this laptop bag/briefcase i found a few weeks ago at goodwill for $6. I like to grab all of the bags that look good, then sit down and inspect them, google brands, zip zippers, you get the idea. So i’m sitting in the chair section, looking at these other bags that i DID NOT buy, when i picked this one up. It looked brand new, and one of these kinds of leathers that you can’t be sure if it’s real or not. I found the name of the bag on the zipper – McKlein. I’d never heard of it. I googled it, and found McKleinUSA.com with, you guessed it, bags for sale, and the leather is real, at least from the descriptions and prices of the bags on the site. A comparable bag to this one retails for between $112 and $180. This one has three separate sections – two outer zipper sections with an open area in the middle that snaps shut. I had to get rid of a briefcase to make room for this one. I haven’t used it yet, but i will. Don’t you worry.


bag #13

IMG_2785IMG_2786  IMG_2788Let’s celebrate Monday with this Clarks black pebbled leather computer briefcase/tote, why don’t we? I got this bag at the Clark outlet store at Jeffersonville several years ago. I got it to replace this great briefcase I wore into the ground but I just could never get right with it. Shoulder strap included.

I’ve tried to give it away a couple of times, to my daughter and my friend whose name starts with K, but here it still is. It holds a size 13″ computer perfectly either in the middle or the outer section with a snap closure. Why am I getting rid of this one? I just got a 13″ computer myself, so I’m not quite sure,

Email me at 50favbags@gmail.com if you want it. Happy Monday.

TAKEN – Thanks.