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Days 17 & 18

Yesterday’s bag, Tuesday May 2, started out to be a red Fossil satchel style cross body. As i wen to leave, i had to sit down for a few minutes. The daggone bag was too heavy and too small. Lots of hardware will get you every time. I couldn’t even think about going upstairs to find another bag. Then i remembered one I was going to give to goodwill, and went to the living room and grabbed it. Lightweight with three sections, it’s a really great bag. The handles have started to peel so it had to go. Not anymore.

Today i chose a Banana Republic pewter pebbled leather shoulder bag. It’s gorgeous, feels great, but is a black hole bag. It does fit my iPad and water bottle, however, so it’s a keeper. Thanks Goodwil!


day 1

banana republic pebbled leather hobo

banana republic pebbled leather hobo

pewter Banana Republic

grommet detail – because i love grommets

My day 1 bag is my new fave, and the one i’ve been carrying since i bought it 3 weeks ago. It’s a beautiful banana republic pebbled leather metallic hobo – buttery soft and fun to touch. It holds a lot – including my no-spill coffee mug, water bottle and magazines among my other accoutrement. I found this one at my favorite place to thrift – a Goodwill that i frequent weekly. I paid $5 for it, since i happened to go on a 50% off day.¬†YESSSSSSSSS! It’ll be tough to leave it for 49 days…