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bag 13: Pier 1 backsak

here we are again with a bag i tried to give away last year and there it was in my closet again. tell me if this is true for you: this pandemic brain thing – do you experience this? memory loss where you genuinely can’t remember how a thing happened?

usually, i take the bags that no one claims to dress for success or st. vincent de paul. i know some of the bags no one claimed went that route. so i suspect that there are a few bags that when i contemplated taking them, i said nahhhh, you’re staying here, sweet baby. of course this would be one of those bags.

which brings me to share this concept, which is a revised concept since i started giving away bags in 2014. yes, it’s a lenten discipline. yes, i need to get rid of stuff. yes, it’s a thing and not a person or extremely important in the larger scope of my life. and.

i get to decide. if i decide i want to give a bag away, cool. if i decide as i’m about to post it that i don’t want to give it away, cool. if i decide to keep it instead of taking it to a charity, cool. i think at the end of the process, i’ve been a human who followed a discipline and sacrificed and decided not to always sacrifice. which, in itself, is a sacrifice. but i’m not going to the cross with or for these bags.

when we let something go, we make space for something new. or we make space for space. when we hold on to something, the space is filled. this process of releasing through the last 8 years taught and teaches me a lot about what to bring in and what to leave in the store for someone else to enjoy.

sometimes, a bag gathers energy through the years based on several aspects, one being who i’m often with when i’m using that bag. this pier 1 bag is one i often used when i was with my friend Joy. so it has Joy energy. that’s a good thing.

if you’re interested in bag 13: pier 1 backpack, email me at 50favbags@gmail.com with your name, address, and bag 13: pier 1 backpack. peace.