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day 33


Here’s an old and good one. Target does these limited edition lines with famous designers and I used to always get a bag from these lines, because i could never afford the real deals. This is a Devi Kroell snakeskin hobo bag and I used to carry it a lot. I still use it, but not as often – I can’t say why exactly. But when I want a dressy gold back I definitely reach for it. Maybe it’s because I carry a laptop bag every day and this is a bit big and won’t fit in there.

Ok my big news is I finally got my backpack reviews uploaded to my YouTube channel! Here are the links, please check them out when you’re bored or looking for backpack reviews. I filmed them today and am super excited about making them. I’m crazy.

Swissgear 1223 review https://youtu.be/a-PLJuOYY5I

baggallini Soho and Hap Tim backpack tote comparison and review https://youtu.be/nV24ycNckF8

Sherpani Soleil AT and Solo New York Parker Hybrid backpack tote comparison and review https://youtu.be/_S8qCuuFQgE

day 31


You know how i feel about baggallini. I love this line of bags. The zipper pulls alone make them worthy of my love. My parents were going to name me Elaine for my middle name – but if they were going to name me something starting with E it should be ergonomic. Anyway, this bag is called the everywhere bag, albeit an older model. The new versions cost $99!!! Yeah, I’m good with my thrift store version. These bags are perfect for travel, and here’s why.

The bag has small pockets on the front the perfect size of a phone and lots of zipper pockets inside and out. On the back there’s a pocket that closes with a magnet, but you can unzip the bottom to slide it over your suitcase. The strap adjusts to go from shoulder bag to crossbody. I took this on our trip to Spain in March and it was the only purse I took with me. I like the color a lot and it went with everything. Wait, I think I might have taken one other bag – a smaller black baggallini crossbody!!

Still on my backpack quest, so now I’m going to start making comparison and review videos. Yes. I’m there. So this photo is on top of the Solo NY Parker women’s backpack that I’m going to review/compare to the Sherpani Soleil convertible backpack.