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Bag 29 – taken

B. Makowsky large hobo falls in the too heavy category for me. It’s gorgeous. Zipper details, silver strap details, leopard print lining, three sections inside with pockets. It can be a little black hole-ish*, but it’s the price you pay for style. Email me at 50favbags@gmail.com if you like this one.

*don’t drop your keys down there.

Bag 3 – taken

This black tote by B. Makowsky was hanging around the thrift store, and I couldn’t resist the silver hardware. I never got around to using it.

Which brings me to a thing about thrift shopping: thrifting and finding awesome deals can be as addicting as gambling. Giving away these bags each year helps me to get better and better about NOT buying as much stuff as I did in the past. Still, I can succumb to studded black pebbled leather.

If you like it, please email me at 50favbags@gmail.com. Bags 1 and 2 are still available. Peace!


day 37


navy B. Makowsky tote with room for almost everything

on wednesdays, my youngest has choir downtown near where i work. it’s too short for me to justify driving home and back for her, and it’s too close to a tj maxx for me not to go visit it for a few minutes. one night, i was strolling through the purses, and i saw a b. makowsky bag on clearance for $49. $49?!? what the heck? i know my clearance rack, and i’ve NEVER seen a bag like that on clearance that cheap. some of you know what i’m talking about.

now, $49 is way more than i like to pay for a bag. but tj maxx has this facebook contest where if you find a great deal and submit it on their website, your deal can be chosen to be voted on by facebook fans to be the deal of the week. the winner gets a $50 gift card. so i thought to myself, i’ll enter this contest, and if i win, it’s like the bag is kind of free. right? it’s navy, which isn’t a huge part of my wardrobe. i don’t usually like chains, but i liked the modern look of the links on this bag.¬†after walking around for a half an hour talking myself into it i went for it. i decided that if i didn’t win, i had time to return it.

well, i won the contest. it was very exciting! watching the fb people – choosing which deal they liked best, reading the comments – was thrilling. i watched all weekend and by monday, i knew i had that $50 gift card. i felt great! it was very affirming. i have a not-so-secret passion for fashion and the industry. i have no idea how i can participate but i would love to try.

today the bag was loaded up for a busy day that included the doctor’s office with my oldest, who had a severe asthma attack. fortunately, she’s feeling a little better. thank you, God, for great physicians. it ended with my youngest’s band concert. those kids were amazing. it’s an easy day for counting my many, many blessings. i can’t do that enough. peace.