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day 36 – yesterday

2013-05-11 02.11.14

I brought this bag down to photograph and post about and then… who knows?? That day is gone, but the bag is still here.

One of my favorite bags on one of my favorite comforters ever. I took this pic in 2013 – the year the blog debuted. This is a beautiful Adrienne Vittadini handbag with gorgeous pebbled leather, whipstitching, and this mock tortoise buckle in cream and black. It has a magnetic closure but the sewn under the leather kind.

It’s got a big opening inside with a zippered divider so that things don’t get too chaotic in there. The zipper pull on that middle section is made of the same tortoise as the front buckle. There’s another back wall zipper pocket so it’s as functional as it is beautiful. It’s big enough to hold a folded magazine. Elegant without being too fancy – I love to carry this one when i have an event, which i did in May of 2013 – the May Festival Chorus with the Youth Chorus, when Nia was still in high school and sang in that group.

day 40


Adrienne Vittadini pebbled leather bag on stage at Music Hall


zipper pull


chillin at home, empty

when i have multiple events in a day, like going to work then going to a concert, i have to think extra hard about what to use. normally i would switch bags for the evening event, but with this challenge i wanted to see if, like previous days, i could make it work. well, it mostly did. it was perfect to see my daughter on stage at Music Hall for the May Festival opening concert. i had no idea how thrilling it would be to see her on that stage. i am so happy for her, and i’m also charged that it’s a memory we can share. i once sang on that stage too. hers is much much more cool. for work, i ended up using another bag to carry my water bottle and friends in to work. at night, though, i had 2 magazines and an umbrella in there after kicking my lipstick/emergency bag to the curb. whatever, it’s a small price to pay. this bag is so cool.

this Adrienne Vittadini was hanging on the back rack in st. vincent de paul near my house. i saw the leather and it looked, real, so i touched it and, being proven right, moved on to my other tests: look for unique features, or superior quality – both is best, which is the case with this bag. ok, so it’s black pebbled leather. but look at it: the buckle and zipper pull made of horn, a divided inside with a middle zipper pocket, and three more pockets & pouches. the whipstitching is beautiful, the sides and bottom are reinforced with extra leather so that it stands up with nothing in it. check out the strap detail – a very modern approach to what could have been boring – wide at the bottom but wrapped and stitched creating layers of pebbled leather comfort. taking note of these details, i then inspect for wear and function. will i be able to work this into my wardrobe? am i inspired by it? is it beautiful? does it serve me? at $4.99 the answer was E, all of the above.