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day 47

No, I didn’t plan to collect any more fossils this year. But this is what happens when I’m not looking. The fossils are just THERE. I was looking for a white dress for someone’s graduation and there was this stunner. Built in handles. Colorful, modern coated cotton pattern. Adjustable strap and keys. Interior and exterior pockets. But I didn’t want to pay $35. Don’t forget, I’m cheap. So I said “sigh I wish there was some coupon or discount.” Cashier checks my account and says “oh you have a reward of 20% off your whole purchase” and here we are. Hashtag worth it.


day 36

Got this backsack around 25-30 years ago at Pier 1. I loved the cowrie shells and little mirrors in the design. The cotton is faded, and it’s a black hole bag, but so what? I still enjoy looking at it and using it. Functional art.

day 33

When I saw this bag Clothes Mentor, I admired it but left it in the store. But I was intrigued when it was still there a couple more times after that. Pilcro and the letterpress? Never heard of it. Did my research and found out it’s an Anthropologie brand. You see how it worked out. After black and red, yellow is a great color to invest in. If you love a color but it looks… well… not so great on you, get the bag.

day 27

You would not believe how soft this leather is. I could sell tickets. Usually, I’m not into chain straps. I made an exception with this DKNY black quilted bag because it has a leather strip threaded through the links so it’s not so loud. Only thing that doesn’t fit is my water bottle.

day 23

Calvin Klein in chartreuse made my rainy day brighter. Many of you know that I’ve changed my attitude about the weather. It’s going to do what it’s going to do, so i get the right gear and head out with a thankful attitude for the gift of another day. I have colorful purses that I save for rainy days. Gotta use my red umbrella so the buttery leather doesn’t get wet.

day 20

Today I drove back from a work trip. All my stuff was in my Puma backpack, which I have already featured. This is my baby peace bag from Whole Foods. Peace is one of my favorite words. Anything that says peace in some way has a fair chance of being added to my life. Plus green is my favorite color. And look at this little bag. When I asked the cashier for this baby peace bag, he replied, “Baby peace bag. Peace amongst babies.” The girls and I remember him fondly and quote him often.

day 13

Today I used my sweet little deerskin bag that I got at the Ann Arbor Art Fair around 26 years ago. It’s great for when I have no pockets, like today when I had to speak to a group of Cathedral Deans and needed a place to put our pocket-sized devotional. Man I whipped that booklet out of my bag so fast… thanks old friend for carrying my phone and keys too.