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Day 7 – which was yesterday


Ok I admit it – i put this in the giveaway last year, then swapped another purse out and kept this one when no one wanted it. Sometimes a bag is meant to be. After a tough week physically, I needed the pick-me-up this bag provides. I took it to Jaiya’s ballet performance of The Jungle Book last night. Makes an all black dress with boots look great. Read more about it here. I went nowhere today, so i’ll have to do a two bag day one of these days.


Day 6

Fossil, complete with keys. Coated cotton makes a beautiful pattern durable. Wish the whole thing was coated – the top part isn’t, and it’s starting to show. Oxy is an effective, safe fabric cleaner. Fingers crossed. Got this at the Mt. Washington Goodwill. 

Day 5 

Echo from TJ Maxx. Lightweight, fits everything and looks better than a Whole Foods bag. Front pocket just for phones. Can you tell how exhausted I was? This conference was wonderfully tiring. 

Bag 12 Рtaken 

Here’s what makes this year different from the others: I’m having to get rid of bags that I really, really like. Grudgingly modeled by my lovely daughter Kaia, here’s a Banana Republic hobo that I found at the Mt. Washington Goodwill, back when they had many more good name-brand bags. Whipstitching helps it maintain a casual look, but the thick leather is super classy. No, I’m not tearing up. Email me at if this bag speaks to you like it spoke to me.


Bag 7 – taken

Wow, the day got away from me. Today’s bag is one I’ve had for a while. I like artistry, as I mentioned a couple of days ago, and woven leather makes me swoon. This Talbot’s dome bag will look great this Spring and Summer. Lined in a light tan/natural linen. Email me at with “bag 7” if you like this one.

Got my cast off today; now I’m back in the tall boot for three weeks. Then, the magic words – PHYSICAL THERAPY!!!! I’ll try not to count down the days. I believe in living in the present, and being thankful for all that i have in the moment, and not spend too much time looking to the future. Meanwhile, see you at the thrift store – browsing! Peace!

Bag 4 – taken

This vintage crossbody/statchel by Meyers was hanging around the thrift store. I liked the color, simple styling, and overall vintage details – those old zippers! The interior is this soft, brown vinyl. I don’t know this brand, but it was made in Italy. Enough said.

Modeled by my lovely girl, Jaiya – because it was Kaia’s turn, and she was on her way to work and picked up bag 3 for Jaiya to photograph her with. I texted her and said “You took Jaiya’s picture with that bag two days ago.” Her response: “Oh flip.”

Never a dull moment with these girls! Peace.

Next post will be Monday; Sunday is a feast day.


bag #29-#32

More clutch time giveaways. Email me at if you like any of these.   
#29 two for one reversable bag that channels the 70s.     
  #30 I can never resist a good ethnic print bag.   
#31 the Sak woven fabric. Love it. 


#32 another Tignanello. Yes.