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day 49

Found this bag at Clothes Mentor and got it even though it’s heavy. I could not resist the perforated leather. You can zip and unzip without having to hold anything. Next time you unzip your anything, ask yourself: did I have to use my other hand to get it done. By linea pelle.


bag 14 – claimed

Cynthia Rowley leather bag with lots of hardware. Email me at with bag 14.

I don’t know why it’s so hard to keep up this year. Peace all.

bag 12 – claimed

Yesterday’s bag had issues, sorry about that. When I find the missing piece I’ll post it. Instead, here’s one straight from the back of my closet door. That’s a spot of high priority. Purses there are beautiful or used often or both. Today’s is beautiful, and I’ll miss it, but I have this photo to remind me. Someone please enjoy this DKNY satchel style bag with many sections pockets and pouches for all of your gear. Strap fits over the shoulder or over your arm (how I wore it). I love the satchel look a lot; what can I say. I’m an intellectual who loves style. Email me at if you like bag 12.

bag 7

If you’ve been here before, you know I like Calvin Klein bags and clothing. Cool, modern, clean lines, and in my size. Their activewear is great too. Anyway. I had an amazing CK bag stolen a few years ago and I’m still trying to replace it. So when I see a cool Calvin Klein purse, I buy it in the moment and regret it later. So I get to give you a cool bag with a short shoulder strap but plenty of room for a magazine and your water bottle. Email me at if you like bag 7.

Day 7 – which was yesterday


Ok I admit it – i put this in the giveaway last year, then swapped another purse out and kept this one when no one wanted it. Sometimes a bag is meant to be. After a tough week physically, I needed the pick-me-up this bag provides. I took it to Jaiya’s ballet performance of The Jungle Book last night. Makes an all black dress with boots look great. Read more about it here. I went nowhere today, so i’ll have to do a two bag day one of these days.

Day 6

Fossil, complete with keys. Coated cotton makes a beautiful pattern durable. Wish the whole thing was coated – the top part isn’t, and it’s starting to show. Oxy is an effective, safe fabric cleaner. Fingers crossed. Got this at the Mt. Washington Goodwill. 

Day 5 

Echo from TJ Maxx. Lightweight, fits everything and looks better than a Whole Foods bag. Front pocket just for phones. Can you tell how exhausted I was? This conference was wonderfully tiring.