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bag 9: Liz Claiborne satchel – CLAIMED

Liz Claiborne is a brand I’ve always found to be made in a high-quality way. In the ’80s lots of us had a Liz Claiborne bag in the signature print – i’ll see if i can find a pic online. That baby is long gone. I have a couple i really like in leather, but when looking for a leather alternative i highly recommend this brand.

I eyed this satchel for weeks on ThredUp and finally took the plunge with a discount coupon. I was not disappointed when i received it! I love a bag with pockets I can designate for keys, phone, Aquaphor, etc. and room on the inside for everything else. I also love a good satchel – there’s a timeless elegance I vibe with. But how many do I need? As I type this, i’m talking myself into keeping it. Hell.

If you’re interested in this bag, email me at with bag 9: Liz Claiborne satchel, your name, and your address. Peace.

bag 6: 11 Sévigné

i got this bag from ThredUp a couple of months ago after eyeing it for a while. it was listed as “assorted brands” which sometimes i can figure out based on clues like logos. not this time. so, i went ahead and bought it. it’s an extremely cool bag but not for me for two main reasons: 1. brown and 2. heavy.

this is a convertible backpack by a brand called 11 Sévigné Paris. you can hook the zipper strap to the bottom center, as pictured, and sling it over your shoulder. or, unzip it and hook it to the bottom hooks to carry as a backpack, which means you have to tuck the top part down into the bag. or, carry it as a tote by the handles. the other cool thing about the bag is that the bottom pockets unzip from the bag and there’s one chain remaining to carry it as a little purse. i mean it’s a trip!

if you’re interested in this bag, email me at with your name, address, and bag 6: 11 Sévigné. i’d appreciate some help with the shipping if you’re not local.