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bag 8: Linea Pelle satchel

One of the places i used to get a lot of bags was Clothes Mentor. A bag i got at the Anderson location years ago was a Linea Pelle perforated black leather bag that i finally gave away because it was too heavy. I decided to search for the brand on Poshmark, and I found this similar shaped bag for a reasonable price and thought i’d be good with the replacement. Sometimes you can’t substitute one thing for another. This is one of those times.

This cute olive satchel has a zipper closure along with a hook thingy. Y’all i don’t remember what it’s called, but you can see it in the middle of the two outer snap pockets. The close-up picture shows the true color. Very smooth and soft leather, butter zippers, and cotton lining.

If you’re interested in this lovely bag, email me at with your name, address, and bag 8: Linea Pelle.

bag 5: echo little crossbody tote

some of you know that i had a couple of major health events since last Lent. i won’t get into it but the two events were 1. diverticulitis 2. very small stroke. i am doing a lot to take care of myself. part of my self care is window shopping vs. actual shopping. Poshmark is an online resale shop that i like to browse. it’s great for things you had and wore out or saw someone with and they don’t make it anymore. like these ahnu hiking boots i got and love, they are wearing out so i went to posh and got a different color for much less than retail.

so about this bag: i have given away a couple of echo totes and wanted to get a different one. when i got this one i completely disregarded the image to the left that shows the size. when it arrived, i cracked up! it’s small! but i really liked the pattern and love the coated cotton. i’m a fan of lightweight materials that won’t get ruined immediately. this bag will fit your stuff and maybe a book. y’all still read books, right?

if you are interested in this bag email me at with your name, address, and bag 5: echo crossbody tote.