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bag 16: fossil key per

being honest, a few of my pandemic online bag buys were duds. not being able to hold it, evaluate it, and most importantly, return it, has its drawbacks. this fossil key per is a very nice bag, but up against others that i have, it’s not a favorite. i got this from Posh, which means i could “reposh” it or sell it on the platform. but why, when i can share it with someone here?

i’ve had two other fossil bags of this style in different patterns, and i like the size of the bag. mostly coated cotton, there are some uncoated parts.

if you dig this bag email me at with your name, address, and bag 16: fossil key per.

bag 15: Perlina

oh this bag. a gorgeous Perlina bag with all of her little details. if you don’t like velcro keep scrolling. two outer zipper pockets and a large middle section that velcros open and shut. this is a shoulder bag, would not fit a laptop but is a nice size for lots of other stuff, like ipad size or when you want a larger bag but want to be elegant. beautiful black leather, she’s beautiful. not all bags are she but she is.

if you’re interested in this Perlina bag email me at with your name, address, and bag 15: Perlina.

bag 14: fossil frame bag

here’s a little fossil for you who like small bags with a kiss closure. another one i thought i would never part with. it will need a tool to squeeze it tighter as it likes to open if too much is inside. i had this on a shelf for my viewing pleasure and only used it a couple of times. thick leather, two pockets in front, nice pull tabs to open it, it is a sweet bag. if you like it email me at with your name, address, and bag 14: fossil frame bag.

bag 13: Pier 1 backsak

here we are again with a bag i tried to give away last year and there it was in my closet again. tell me if this is true for you: this pandemic brain thing – do you experience this? memory loss where you genuinely can’t remember how a thing happened?

usually, i take the bags that no one claims to dress for success or st. vincent de paul. i know some of the bags no one claimed went that route. so i suspect that there are a few bags that when i contemplated taking them, i said nahhhh, you’re staying here, sweet baby. of course this would be one of those bags.

which brings me to share this concept, which is a revised concept since i started giving away bags in 2014. yes, it’s a lenten discipline. yes, i need to get rid of stuff. yes, it’s a thing and not a person or extremely important in the larger scope of my life. and.

i get to decide. if i decide i want to give a bag away, cool. if i decide as i’m about to post it that i don’t want to give it away, cool. if i decide to keep it instead of taking it to a charity, cool. i think at the end of the process, i’ve been a human who followed a discipline and sacrificed and decided not to always sacrifice. which, in itself, is a sacrifice. but i’m not going to the cross with or for these bags.

when we let something go, we make space for something new. or we make space for space. when we hold on to something, the space is filled. this process of releasing through the last 8 years taught and teaches me a lot about what to bring in and what to leave in the store for someone else to enjoy.

sometimes, a bag gathers energy through the years based on several aspects, one being who i’m often with when i’m using that bag. this pier 1 bag is one i often used when i was with my friend Joy. so it has Joy energy. that’s a good thing.

if you’re interested in bag 13: pier 1 backpack, email me at with your name, address, and bag 13: pier 1 backpack. peace.

bag 12: Vera Bradley quilted bag – CLAIMED

here is the last Vera Bradley kiss clasp bag I have left. I had a couple of other ones that i found their way to the giveaway. i kept this one because i love the vintage look of the fabric and style of the frame bag. and, here we are.

i really do miss going to goodwill and shopping for bags. finding bargains and then getting a senior discount, that rush of knowing i got a good deal and recycled, online shopping does not duplicate those feelings. yet, i’m happy to be able to shop online. i will be glad to get out into the world a little more and venture into thrift stores again. someday.

if you’re interested in this Vera Bradley bag, email me at with your name, address, and bag 12: Vera Bradley quilted bag. Peace.

bag 11: fossil canvas bag with dots

i tried to give this away last year and i have no idea what happened, or why it’s still here. it’s a wonderful bag – fun, lightweight, sturdy, and full of pockets and pouches that will give you easy access to your high touch items like your keys and phone. there’s one big pouch in the back, a zippered pocket and flap pouch in front and three interior pockets. i have and have passed on several fossil bags; it’s a brand i find to be consistently well made whether they are leather, pleather, or fabric.

i remember, thanks to this blog, the wonderful feeling i got swinging with Jaiya nine years ago. whenever i find a playground with swings, i swing. i used to love the slide, too, but those don’t scale up as well. swinging takes me back to being a kid in my body like no other activity.

here’s a bit from nine years ago to go with the little hands in the above photo: she begged me to take a picture of the purse on her lap like i did her sister yesterday. here’s a closeup of the front pockets and handles held by one of the sweetest hands on the planet. thank you, God, for my girls. i don’t think about what i would do without them.

if you like bag 11, email me at with bag 11: fossil with dots, your name, and your address. peace.

bag 9: Liz Claiborne satchel – CLAIMED

Liz Claiborne is a brand I’ve always found to be made in a high-quality way. In the ’80s lots of us had a Liz Claiborne bag in the signature print – i’ll see if i can find a pic online. That baby is long gone. I have a couple i really like in leather, but when looking for a leather alternative i highly recommend this brand.

I eyed this satchel for weeks on ThredUp and finally took the plunge with a discount coupon. I was not disappointed when i received it! I love a bag with pockets I can designate for keys, phone, Aquaphor, etc. and room on the inside for everything else. I also love a good satchel – there’s a timeless elegance I vibe with. But how many do I need? As I type this, i’m talking myself into keeping it. Hell.

If you’re interested in this bag, email me at with bag 9: Liz Claiborne satchel, your name, and your address. Peace.

bag 8: Linea Pelle satchel

One of the places i used to get a lot of bags was Clothes Mentor. A bag i got at the Anderson location years ago was a Linea Pelle perforated black leather bag that i finally gave away because it was too heavy. I decided to search for the brand on Poshmark, and I found this similar shaped bag for a reasonable price and thought i’d be good with the replacement. Sometimes you can’t substitute one thing for another. This is one of those times.

This cute olive satchel has a zipper closure along with a hook thingy. Y’all i don’t remember what it’s called, but you can see it in the middle of the two outer snap pockets. The close-up picture shows the true color. Very smooth and soft leather, butter zippers, and cotton lining.

If you’re interested in this lovely bag, email me at with your name, address, and bag 8: Linea Pelle.

bag 7: Vera Bradley tote with extras – CLAIMED

Many of my Forward Movement colleagues have benefited from this bag giveaway through the years, which i love because i can often see my old bag friends again. The bags, not them! C’mon now. One colleague donated a couple of bags to the giveaway this year, for which i was immensely grateful. Today’s bag comes with bonus items – matching wallet, journal, and key fob. WOW.

This Vera Bradley tote has a removable strap to make it a shoulder bag or even a cross body, but i can imagine most folks would carry it by the handles. The pattern is called art plaid and i can see why. It’s got great leather details including the little tassels. It’s a large bag and quite roomy. It’s got feet on the bottom to protect the leather underneath.

Thanks again to my co-worker who I’m keeping anonymous unless she wants to out herself on FB. If you like this bag email me at with your name, bag 7: Vera Bradley tote, and your address. Peace.

bag 6: 11 Sévigné

i got this bag from ThredUp a couple of months ago after eyeing it for a while. it was listed as “assorted brands” which sometimes i can figure out based on clues like logos. not this time. so, i went ahead and bought it. it’s an extremely cool bag but not for me for two main reasons: 1. brown and 2. heavy.

this is a convertible backpack by a brand called 11 Sévigné Paris. you can hook the zipper strap to the bottom center, as pictured, and sling it over your shoulder. or, unzip it and hook it to the bottom hooks to carry as a backpack, which means you have to tuck the top part down into the bag. or, carry it as a tote by the handles. the other cool thing about the bag is that the bottom pockets unzip from the bag and there’s one chain remaining to carry it as a little purse. i mean it’s a trip!

if you’re interested in this bag, email me at with your name, address, and bag 6: 11 Sévigné. i’d appreciate some help with the shipping if you’re not local.