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bag 39 – claimed

IMG_1571IMG_1574I bought this bag for Kaia, and she kicked it to the curb, and since I wanted one myself and didn’t buy one, I kept it. Well, here we are with two days to go, and I’m letting it go with joy.

Vera Bradley handbag – in the real sense of the word. Two outer pockets on either end and a zipper pocket and three pouches inside. Love the pattern and the style, but brown is not my favorite color so bye bye bye. No, I’m a Backstreet Boys fan.

As I reflect on the past several weeks of giving, I realize that this year I have been more of a joyful giver than in past years. Even the bags that were tough to let go of, I’ve done so with a joyful heart because I’m reminded now more than ever of all of my blessings.

I’m blessed by so much, tangible and intangible. My family. My friends. My jobs. My calling. My material belongings, including clothing and all of the non-essentials I’ve accumulated through the years. So much more. I know those aren’t complete sentences, and the Grammarly widget doesn’t like it. I don’t care.

The point is that learning to joyfully and happily let go of material possessions opens my heart and home to more occasions for generosity. You receiving these bags makes me very happy, and you can be sure I’m being generous in other ways. Generosity is also a huge concept in my work as a fundraiser for an Episcopal non-profit, so it helps to practice what I preach to others.

If you like this bag, email me at with bag 39, your name, your address. Peace!

bag 38 – claimed

All day long I was like “I’m going to post earlier” and then I look at the time and it’s 10:30pm est. Alright.

Today’s bag is a bag I found new at Goodwill; I thought it was so cool to use as a gym bag so that’s what I’ve done. The thing I find, though, is that unless I’m swimming, I don’t go to the locker room. I live very close to the gym and with my hair and everything I’m not going all the way down there when there.

So here is this really nice bag by Rare Earth by Stone Mountain.

If you like this bag, email me at with bag 38, your name, your address. Peace.

bag 37 – claimed

Nothing like a thunderstorm warning to throw me off my game. Shelter upon shelter, which we’re blessed to have.

Anyway. I got this sling-style is a leather bag in 1992 or 1993 in Montclair, NJ at an African event where there were vendors. I remember paying $40 for this bag. I also remember being with a friend and co-worker from the Montclair Public Library, Brother Saalik Cuevas. But, I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve used it; it’s more like an art piece and was most recently in my cedar closet. So now I have a photo and the memories, and I can let it go.

If you like this bag, email me at with bag 37, your name, your address. Peace.


bag 36 – claimed

Last week or sometime in the past couple of weeks, I did a CAUSEBOX unboxing on Facebook, and this bag was one of the things in the box. Thank goodness, one more bag I can offer up in this Lenten giveaway.

Pixie Mood vegan leather (aka pleather) crossbody with a generous front pocket, zipper interior closure with a flap that covers the front pocket. Dove gray will go with LOTS of outfits – except brown. But maybe that’s just me.

If you like this bag, email me at with bag 36, your name, your address.

One more thing – I know claiming bags is not at the top of your list of things to do. Like, bags to go where? Well, one day, this will all be over, and we will go back out again. When we do, you will be stylish. Peace!

bag 35 – claimed

Here’s a cute woven bag – I have a few of these in different sizes and patterns. My basket collection is not nearly as bad as my bag collection.

Sorry, y’all. I keep getting distracted by my girls who are exercising and we are listening to music I used to work out to in 2005 and 2006. Nelly Furtado and Natasha Bedingfield. You know the rules. Email me if you want this cutie. with bag 35, your name and address. Byeeee

bag 34 – claimed

Jaiya and I had a great trip to the Woodlawn Goodwill, and I’ve given away all the bags I got there – except for this one, which I’d intended to keep. It’s easier to give up new bags than ones I’ve gotten attached to, so here we are.

Maxximum brand black pebbled leather with whipstitching and silver hardware. If you like this bag, email me at with bag 34, name and address. Also don’t forget to check the blog for unclaimed bags. See you Monday

bag 32 – claimed

I’ll be the first to admit that when I saw this cute Steve Madden colorblocked purse, it took me right back to 1984. I had an outfit that this would have gone PERFECTLY with – a mustard-colored oversized buttondown tunic, colorblocked cutout loafers with these three colors plus green, and dangly fruit earrings in all of those colors, worn with red leggings, naturally. It was one of my favorite outfits, and I wore it to the airport to pick up David when he came to Cincinnati to visit me for the first time. Over thirty years later, here’s this bag. $12 at Goodwill.

Convertible clutch, shoulder bag, and tote. The goldtone chain strap is removable, so it’s a clean clutch. Add it for a shoulder bag, or for more space in the bag, carry it by the goldtone handles. Ah, so cute! I gave it to Nia, and she left it in her closet, so I asked her if it would be fair to assume she didn’t want it. The thing I did NOT do was take a pic and send it to her.

If you like this bag, email me at with bag 32, your name, your address. Peace.

Update – David reminded me that the leggings were red, not black. WOW

bag 31 – claimed


A vintage leather tooled bag that reminds me of my mom that I said I’d never get rid of us up for grabs today. I’m tired, missed a day yesterday, and don’t feel like talking about how much my mom loved bags like this. Someone out there will love this bag and use it well.

If you like bag 31, email me at with bag 31, your name, your address.

bag 30 – claimed


There was a store in the Brentwood shopping center – I can’t remember the name of it, maybe Conway? Some TJ Maxx type store but not as nice. But hey, if a store is in my neighborhood and has purses you can bet I’ll be checking it out. I got this green Stone Mountain bag there when we used to live in College Hill. Structured hobo with plenty of space inside, adjustable shoulder strap in a sagey green. This is another bag where a friend of mine said, “If you ever get rid of that one…” So, it’s up for grabs for everyone, and I hope she sees it.

If you like this structured hobo bag, email me at with bag 30, your name, your address. Peace!

bag 29

When we’re able to travel again, even across town, you might like this bag by Travelon. Crossbody with lots of pockets and pouches. Two sides for the main pouch to keep things separate and easily accessible.

If you like this bag, email me at with bag 29, your name, and as the girls say your addy. Peace.