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bag #46 – the end of the giveaway… or is it?


Well… here we are. Holy Saturday, the day before Easter. In celebration of Easter, today’s bag is a white faux leather Rosetti crossbody/shoulder bag. it’s about the size of an iPad. Brand new from the St. Vincent de Paul, it has no blemishes and even has this weird tassel/keychain. IMG_3033 IMG_3035

As promised, here are a few bonus bags that i have left over. Email if you’re interested in any of these.

bonus bag #1

bonus bag #1

bonus bag #2

bonus bag #2

bonus bag #3

bonus bag #3

bonus bag #4

bonus bag #4

I had a lot of fun giving away bags – so much so that i think i will continue at my leisure.


day #1 – day #50NOT UP FOR GRABS. If a blog post is titled “day”, it’s not a giveaway.

bonus bag – UP FOR GRABS. If a post includes the words “with bonus bag” there’s something up for grabs.

Everything will be clearly labeled. Even though i try very hard to be clear, there are folks who get confused. Just don’t take offense when i tell you no, you can’t have this one.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be celebrating 50 days of Easter with 50 day of fabulous bags. I did this two years ago. I’ll use a different purse every day for 50 days, even when i travel. I get lots of “feedback” from people who like to give their opinion about how many bags i have. WHATEVER!!!!! It’s my business! So i’ma let the haters hate while i celebrate my good fortune at thrift and discount stores.

Peace! Thanks for hanging out with me this Lent.

bag #45


No, I didn’t forget – life comes at you fast. I went up to Bowling Green to pick up Nia for Easter weekend, and made her show me where the Goodwill was. I picked up this Stone Mountain purse for $3. It’s in great shape, so email me at if you like it.

Tomorrow, I’ll post some of my bags that for some reason or another aren’t 100% to me, but may be cool to you. Regardless, they’re leaving me one way or another. I found a Dress for Success location downtown near where I work, so i think i’ll take them there on Monday. Peace.

IMG_3026 IMG_3024 IMG_3029

bag #44


You’ve heard of those Target collaborations with designers, right? Early days it was Isaac Mizrahi, Proenza Schouler  and Liz Lange. Since they often don’t make plus sizes, i console myself with the bags, which are often fabulous. This one is from Paul and Joe. Ok i hadn’t heard of them either. I got this bag at Goodwill for my butterfly-loving oldest, but she is anti-purse and rejected it. The butterfly piece comes over the top and acts as a closure. There’s also a cool tassel zipper pull. Canvas with faux leather. I thought about keeping it just because but… email me at if you like it.

Two days to go… the five bags (other than this one) that are still available say “still available” in the title. Last chance before they go to the thrift store! Taken. Thanks! 

IMG_3021 IMG_8091

bag #43 still available 

IMG_1994Here’s a cute little black faux mock croc purse by emille m. This is a brand you can find sometimes at TJ Maxx. It’s got a colorful lining and inside zipper pocket. Got this one from a friend at one of my purse swaps. I won’t tell you what she got. 😉

You know what to do by now, right? Email 50favbags if you’re feeling it.


bag #42


I can’t resist woven things. Especially leather woven things. And if it’s a leather woven bag, and i can afford it, I’m buying it! This brown bag is up for grabs today, it’s super basic but super cute. Email if you’re interested. Taken. Thanks. IMG_3005 IMG_3007

bag #41

It’s tote bag Monday. Here’s a purple faux mock croc leather bag by the now defunct Coldwater Creek with two outer pockets and an inside divider. Email if you like. Taken. Thanks!

bag #40


Remember when these came out? Neither do I. But they’re cool. This little black purse has an inside zippered pouch and feet. Email if you want this one. 

TAKEN! Thanks.