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bag 6: 11 Sévigné

i got this bag from ThredUp a couple of months ago after eyeing it for a while. it was listed as “assorted brands” which sometimes i can figure out based on clues like logos. not this time. so, i went ahead and bought it. it’s an extremely cool bag but not for me for two main reasons: 1. brown and 2. heavy.

this is a convertible backpack by a brand called 11 Sévigné Paris. you can hook the zipper strap to the bottom center, as pictured, and sling it over your shoulder. or, unzip it and hook it to the bottom hooks to carry as a backpack, which means you have to tuck the top part down into the bag. or, carry it as a tote by the handles. the other cool thing about the bag is that the bottom pockets unzip from the bag and there’s one chain remaining to carry it as a little purse. i mean it’s a trip!

if you’re interested in this bag, email me at with your name, address, and bag 6: 11 Sévigné. i’d appreciate some help with the shipping if you’re not local.

bag 5: echo little crossbody tote

some of you know that i had a couple of major health events since last Lent. i won’t get into it but the two events were 1. diverticulitis 2. very small stroke. i am doing a lot to take care of myself. part of my self care is window shopping vs. actual shopping. Poshmark is an online resale shop that i like to browse. it’s great for things you had and wore out or saw someone with and they don’t make it anymore. like these ahnu hiking boots i got and love, they are wearing out so i went to posh and got a different color for much less than retail.

so about this bag: i have given away a couple of echo totes and wanted to get a different one. when i got this one i completely disregarded the image to the left that shows the size. when it arrived, i cracked up! it’s small! but i really liked the pattern and love the coated cotton. i’m a fan of lightweight materials that won’t get ruined immediately. this bag will fit your stuff and maybe a book. y’all still read books, right?

if you are interested in this bag email me at with your name, address, and bag 5: echo crossbody tote.


bag 4: Liz Claiborne yellow crossbody – CLAIMED

This pandemic is keeping me from my favorite pastime, thrift shopping. Shopping online does not usually allow for returns. I was excited to purchase this Liz Claiborne yellow crossbody bag because 1. i love yellow bags and 2. the older Liz bags are high quality, gorgeous pebbled leather.

It really is a beautiful little bag. I love how if there’s a strap they show you on a mannequin how it will look. There’s an adjustable strap, pocket on front and organization inside. If you like to brighten sunny days or rainy days, or snowy days or windy days, this is a great bag for you. Email me at with your name, address, and bag 4: Liz Claiborne and it’s yours.

bag 3: Cole Haan woven shopper

full disclosure: this bag was in last year’s giveaway, and no one claimed it. It’s a gorgeous white leather woven bag by Cole Haan that i got from the St. Vincent de Paul. I was so shocked that no one claimed it that i kept it, because i really didn’t want to get rid of it in the first place. but, here we are, and i’ve gotten some cool backpacks in the last year so some bags had to go and i decided to get rid of the ones i kept from last year’s giveaway.

this pic is from last year and the squishmallow and laptop are to help show the size of the bag. i won’t hide the fact that this bag is fabulous, even with a couple of pieces that might slip out and you have to slide them back in their little slot.

if you like this stunner, email me with your name, your address, and bag 3: Cole Haan woven tote.

bag 2: Orla Kiely for Target – CLAIMED

here’s a cute crossbody bag from a Target collab with Orla Kiely. I got into Orla Kiely bags in 2020 when i got into a backpack search at the beginning of the 2020 lockdown. something about staying home made me want to find the perfect backpack. why backpacks? our trip to Spain proved to me that crossbodies were not going to cut it anymore; i needed bags to evenly distribute the weight of my stuff. pretty much, that means backpacks. for work, i’d been carrying a swissgear backpack with a purse inside along with my work stuff. now that i don’t need to carry work stuff, i seek stylish backpacks that look cute but carry a laptop, mags, journals, etc.

enter Orla Kiely’s backpack. it was fabulously stylish. and extremely expensive! once it went on sale or i got a coupon or something i bought it. once i got it, that was it. i started searching online thrift stores for other bags. i got a couple, including this bag from the Target collab. now, i am a huge fan of Target collabs ever since the first one with Isaac Mizrahi in 2003. having two houses for 11 years meant i couldn’t always afford those collabs, so i missed the Orla Kiely one. I got this piece from ThredUp, an online thrift store that i… frequent. ok. i visit it often. due to this blog and all of the years i’ve given away bags, i don’t shop as often as i browse. but i’ve gotten a few bags that i opened the box and said “ah, one for the giveaway.”

this is a very cute floral bag with Kiely’s graphic style in red and cream colored flowers with black center dots. it’s got an adjustable strap, snap pocket on the back, and a zipper pocket on the front. the top zipper on the front is the opening to the body of the bag. the car print lined interior has a slip pocket. it’s in great shape, but if you’re familiar with her bags, it’s not coated cotton. it’s cute and very lightweight, more like the baggallini purses i love for traveling. so if you like shapes, graphic designs, flowers, and red, this could be your bag. email me at with your name, address, and bag 2: orla kiely target collab and i’ll be in touch.

bag 1: kipling backpack tote

The first bag for the giveaway is a silver/gray Kipling backpack tote. I have been into backpack totes lately, and i took a chance on this from ThredUp. First of all – if you like to thrift but not in the actual store, check ThredUp out. Second of all, i got into backpack totes due to my back issues and need to carry my stuff in a variety of ways, including on my back so that my stuff is evenly distributed on my personage vs. a crossbody or shoulder bag. I also need lightweight bags so my heavy bags are out of here.

This bag is small and cute. It has two flaws that i notice – one is that like many bags with charms, the monkey charm that comes with all Kipling bags is missing. It usually is when it hits the thrift store. The second thing is that there’s some marks on the outer pocket where it snaps, which is pretty easy to cover up with a patch or pin. There are two handles which makes it a tote, removable backpack straps which can connect to make it a shoulder bag or crossbody. It has those thick plastic zippers which i think look cool. There are small zipper pockets on each side and a big one in the front with a smaller flap pocket on front, and a big pocket on the back. One large zipper pocket inside and three slip pockets inside. There’s also a key leash to clip your keys so they don’t get lost on the bottom of the bag. These bags are not $4 $5 and $6 bucks. I paid around $20 for this, which brings me to the one drawback about ThredUp for bags – they are non-returnable. Clothing can be returned which is superdope.

If you want this bag, email me at with this info: Kipling backpack tote, your name, and your address. Peace.

Ash Wednesday

hey there! i hope you’re doing well. really.

it’s that time of year – bag giveaway time. i’m going to come out with the full truth that like most things in this life the game is changing. as of now i have 25 bags. that’s not 40! and so be it. here’s my bag of bags.

here’s more honesty: in previous years, i’ve gone to the thrift store during lent to supplement my collection to have enough to give away so that i can keep what i want to keep. not doing that this year. didn’t do that last year. why? because i don’t go to the thrift store anymore. online thrift shopping is seriously more expensive so i don’t do a lot of that either, but a few of my fails are in that bag.

i will give away what i want to give away, and keep what i want to keep. this lent is more of a taking on than giving up lent. as i continue to walk the road of recovery i find myself wanting to shed even more things like stuff and take on things like courage, bravery, and love. the fact is i don’t have that many bags left to give away. and i’ll bet i find some.

in that spirit i will post a giveaway for as long as i can. also i will be throwing little surprises into the bags.

now for the rules:

  1. i’ll post a bag and a story
  2. claim a bag by emailing me at with your name, address, and bag #
  3. the only way to claim a bag is by following step 2.


bag 39

The last black vintage Fossil of Joy’s and mine is up for grabs today, which seems completely appropriate for Good Friday. Supper pocket on outer flap, and zipper pocket under the flap on the front of bag. Slip pocket on the back. Zippered divided interior with a zipper pocket on the back wall. With three sections inside it’s easy to stay organized. The strap is adjustable which is why the strap is sticking out – we were playing with the length, and Joy usually had it on the longest length for the crossbody effect.

I really wondered about giving this up, but decided to do so if someone else can use it. Full disclosure: it smells faintly of old school powder. Some of you know what i mean!

If you like this vintage Fossil. email me at with your name, your address, and bag 39. Check out the available bags to see if there’s anything you’d like to claim. Remaining bags will be donated. Peace.

bag 38

Brown suede no-name shoulder bag with grommets and fringe. You KNOW with my nutty crunchy brown-loving girl this left the thrift store post-haste. Tan paisley interior lining behind the grommets only. She’s over it, so it’s up for grabs.

If you like bag 38, email me at with your name, your address, and bag 38. Peace.