Daily Archives: April 10, 2022

bag 11: fossil canvas bag with dots

i tried to give this away last year and i have no idea what happened, or why it’s still here. it’s a wonderful bag – fun, lightweight, sturdy, and full of pockets and pouches that will give you easy access to your high touch items like your keys and phone. there’s one big pouch in the back, a zippered pocket and flap pouch in front and three interior pockets. i have and have passed on several fossil bags; it’s a brand i find to be consistently well made whether they are leather, pleather, or fabric.

i remember, thanks to this blog, the wonderful feeling i got swinging with Jaiya nine years ago. whenever i find a playground with swings, i swing. i used to love the slide, too, but those don’t scale up as well. swinging takes me back to being a kid in my body like no other activity.

here’s a bit from nine years ago to go with the little hands in the above photo: she begged me to take a picture of the purse on her lap like i did her sister yesterday. here’s a closeup of the front pockets and handles held by one of the sweetest hands on the planet. thank you, God, for my girls. i don’t think about what i would do without them.

if you like bag 11, email me at 50favbags@gmail.com with bag 11: fossil with dots, your name, and your address. peace.