Daily Archives: April 2, 2022

bag 7: Vera Bradley tote with extras – CLAIMED

Many of my Forward Movement colleagues have benefited from this bag giveaway through the years, which i love because i can often see my old bag friends again. The bags, not them! C’mon now. One colleague donated a couple of bags to the giveaway this year, for which i was immensely grateful. Today’s bag comes with bonus items – matching wallet, journal, and key fob. WOW.

This Vera Bradley tote has a removable strap to make it a shoulder bag or even a cross body, but i can imagine most folks would carry it by the handles. The pattern is called art plaid and i can see why. It’s got great leather details including the little tassels. It’s a large bag and quite roomy. It’s got feet on the bottom to protect the leather underneath.

Thanks again to my co-worker who I’m keeping anonymous unless she wants to out herself on FB. If you like this bag email me at 50favbags@gmail.com with your name, bag 7: Vera Bradley tote, and your address. Peace.