bag 5: echo little crossbody tote

some of you know that i had a couple of major health events since last Lent. i won’t get into it but the two events were 1. diverticulitis 2. very small stroke. i am doing a lot to take care of myself. part of my self care is window shopping vs. actual shopping. Poshmark is an online resale shop that i like to browse. it’s great for things you had and wore out or saw someone with and they don’t make it anymore. like these ahnu hiking boots i got and love, they are wearing out so i went to posh and got a different color for much less than retail.

so about this bag: i have given away a couple of echo totes and wanted to get a different one. when i got this one i completely disregarded the image to the left that shows the size. when it arrived, i cracked up! it’s small! but i really liked the pattern and love the coated cotton. i’m a fan of lightweight materials that won’t get ruined immediately. this bag will fit your stuff and maybe a book. y’all still read books, right?

if you are interested in this bag email me at with your name, address, and bag 5: echo crossbody tote.