bag 3: Cole Haan woven shopper

full disclosure: this bag was in last year’s giveaway, and no one claimed it. It’s a gorgeous white leather woven bag by Cole Haan that i got from the St. Vincent de Paul. I was so shocked that no one claimed it that i kept it, because i really didn’t want to get rid of it in the first place. but, here we are, and i’ve gotten some cool backpacks in the last year so some bags had to go and i decided to get rid of the ones i kept from last year’s giveaway.

this pic is from last year and the squishmallow and laptop are to help show the size of the bag. i won’t hide the fact that this bag is fabulous, even with a couple of pieces that might slip out and you have to slide them back in their little slot.

if you like this stunner, email me with your name, your address, and bag 3: Cole Haan woven tote.