Ash Wednesday

hey there! i hope you’re doing well. really.

it’s that time of year – bag giveaway time. i’m going to come out with the full truth that like most things in this life the game is changing. as of now i have 25 bags. that’s not 40! and so be it. here’s my bag of bags.

here’s more honesty: in previous years, i’ve gone to the thrift store during lent to supplement my collection to have enough to give away so that i can keep what i want to keep. not doing that this year. didn’t do that last year. why? because i don’t go to the thrift store anymore. online thrift shopping is seriously more expensive so i don’t do a lot of that either, but a few of my fails are in that bag.

i will give away what i want to give away, and keep what i want to keep. this lent is more of a taking on than giving up lent. as i continue to walk the road of recovery i find myself wanting to shed even more things like stuff and take on things like courage, bravery, and love. the fact is i don’t have that many bags left to give away. and i’ll bet i find some.

in that spirit i will post a giveaway for as long as i can. also i will be throwing little surprises into the bags.

now for the rules:

  1. i’ll post a bag and a story
  2. claim a bag by emailing me at with your name, address, and bag #
  3. the only way to claim a bag is by following step 2.