Daily Archives: May 14, 2020

day 33


Here’s an old and good one. Target does these limited edition lines with famous designers and I used to always get a bag from these lines, because i could never afford the real deals. This is a Devi Kroell snakeskin hobo bag and I used to carry it a lot. I still use it, but not as often – I can’t say why exactly. But when I want a dressy gold back I definitely reach for it. Maybe it’s because I carry a laptop bag every day and this is a bit big and won’t fit in there.

Ok my big news is I finally got my backpack reviews uploaded to my YouTube channel! Here are the links, please check them out when you’re bored or looking for backpack reviews. I filmed them today and am super excited about making them. I’m crazy.

Swissgear 1223 review https://youtu.be/a-PLJuOYY5I

baggallini Soho and Hap Tim backpack tote comparison and review https://youtu.be/nV24ycNckF8

Sherpani Soleil AT and Solo New York Parker Hybrid backpack tote comparison and review https://youtu.be/_S8qCuuFQgE