Daily Archives: May 11, 2020

day 30


Here is one of my favorite bags about one of my favorite places. I found it in the Mt. Washington Goodwill many years ago when they had really great bags there. It was $6 and when i researched the company, I learned that was a $190 hand painted bag by a company called insiders1, made in Brooklyn.

It’s a small tote, but because of it’s squared off corners, it fits a lot of stuff. This photo was taken two years ago at the Centennial Chapel* at Christ Church Cathedral, where once a month Forward Movement, the cathedral staff, and the diocesan staff have Eucharist and share a meal together. Tomorrow, we will meet on Zoom to share Morning Prayer. Looking forward to seeing everyone – it’ll be a different Zoom crew!   

*not the Millennial Chapel! Thanks Kathy!

day 29 – yesterday

2013-04-14 20.11.01

Ok, well… yesterday, I took a sabbatical from Facebook and other online stuff because while I love being a mom, the whole Mother’s Day is not my thing. I have three dads, and I had three moms plus a bonus mom/friend/confidant/mentor/role model, Joy. First, there’s my mom and dad who raised me. Then there are my biological parents, who bore me. Then there are my in-laws, who treat me like their own daughter. All of my moms are dead, including Joy. It’s rough.

Every day is mother’s day, just like that McDonald’s 365 black campaign. I’m fortunate to have girls who love on me all the time. And i mean i am REALLY fortunate, which isn’t the same thing as lucky. I put EVERYTHING into being the best mom I can be. Don’t get me wrong; i get lots of eye rolls. And i fail. But even the shitty stuff stays all good.

So here I am today with a bag for yesterday. I got this no-name bag at goodwill for $12. This bag decorates my room. It’s been sitting on the top of my bookshelf for years. Now and again, I’ll dust it off and carry it. Then, it goes right back on the shelf. I love beads, so I love looking at it. Art is in the eye of the beholder. Some folks like framed art and I’m some folks. And some folks like wearable art, and I’m some folks too.