Daily Archives: April 25, 2020

day 14


Here’s a bag I got at Goodwill for $6 a few years ago. I’d never seen a Miu Miu bag in person before because I don’t shop at the mall. But I’d seen them in magazines, so I knew what I was looking at when I saw it. Miu Miu is a Prada brand, and the bags retail for $600 – $3,000. I just found one like this one for sale on Poshmark for $150, original price $999. Thick leather, whipstitching, beautiful silver hardware – I couldn’t care that it’s smaller than bags I usually use. It’s perfect to put into a larger bag or backpack, and then BAM hit the world with your style as you go into the UDF. 

The question that comes up a lot when thrifting: Is it real? Is it fake? There are lots of ways to tell. Often I will sit down and get to checking online. With this bag, I read that I should check the logo to see if the spaces were in the right place on the M and the U. CHECK. Here’s some advice I gave in 2017 on the original post for this bag.

When you’re checking authenticity, let the internet help you. Google the brand, and if you can find any identifying marks or codes (think Coach numbers inside each bag), use those in your search. Sometimes it’s effortless to spot a fake, but there are some excellent fakes out there, so it can be hard to tell. For this Miu Miu bag, I checked all of the factors, and if they’re accurate, this bag is authentic. Areas to check: zippers, stitching, wear on handles, any labels inside – don’t be afraid to pull the lining out and inspect. For $6, I’m willing to take the risk.