day 6

The other day I talked about my friend Joy and how when she died I got some of her purses. This Nine Wear bag was one of them. I asked J to choose a bag today. “Purple is my favorite color, so I brought this one,” she said.

This bag was my mom’s. When she died in 2001, Joy asked for one of her purses. Before I was friends with Joy, she and my mom were friends. I brought over several for her to choose from and she selected this one.

Joy loved to coordinate her bag with her outfit, just like my mom did. Joy would plan her outfit days in advance for an outing, complete with the purse. She didn’t carry this one everyday, but when she had a purple outfit she always rocked this baby.

Both of these women, along with my dear MIL Ida, blessed me so much with their wisdom, their frugality, and their love of bags. I hope my Lenten and Easter disciplines helps me to appreciate having less while experiencing the small blessings of my life more.

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