Daily Archives: April 16, 2020

day 5

Bags are not up for grabs. That’s a Lent thing – it’s Easter now!

Today’s bag is a vintage Fossil backpack I found at Goodwill and actually paid $20 for but may have gotten 50% off. I brought this bag down and put my stuff in it, and looking at it made me want to go somewhere. So I decided to drop off a bag to my friend who claimed bag 1.

On my way home, I took my favorite route that I used to take all the time when I picked the girls up from high school. As I drove through, I marveled at how bright nature looked. Look at these trees! Even at dusk, they were glowing. After I turned the corner, I stopped and snapped this pic of where I’d just been. I’m really glad I stepped out for these few minutes. I hadn’t been out of the house since Easter.

This backpack has two large compartments and a smaller pocket in front and on the back. The squared-off corners allow for more stuff to fit than rounded backpacks. It even fits into my laptop backpack. I dig it!