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bag 40 + 1 – the last day!

Well, here we are, nearing the end of Lent 2020. It ain’t over til it’s over; we have a few hours to go.  I’m coming to you today with two bags.

Wait. What? Why two? you might ask. Maybe not.

I went upstairs to find one more bag in my closet for day 40. Something said, check the closet in Nia’s room for bags you may have put in that here. Nia’s room is my parents’ old room, and the closet I’m referring to is our luggage and off-season shoe closet, because our house is old and the closets are tiny. Dang, that sounds bougie.

Growing up, my mom was a closet usurper. I have two small closets in my room, and she used one of them throughout my childhood. As SOON as I went to college, suddenly that closet was half-full of her clothes. Every closet in our house had some of her stuff in it. Anyway, I admit that I inherited this issue but not to to the extent of Mom. Nia still has her closet, and this Lenten discipline led me to get rid of more than bags. I have a long way to go to get to where I want to be.

So meanwhile, back to the story. I went into that closet and found FIVE vintage purses. Handbags, really – which is how they ended up in that closet. They all had the tags on or in them. Three were Fossils, one was the sak, and the last super vintage bad was Koret. Oh and I forgot about the macrame bags, so actually, there were seven. Sheesh.

One of the Fossils had a mark on it, like a tiny burn, so it’s in the giveaway pile of stuff in our kitchen. Two of them, though, are lovely. I brought them to the girls and asked them to vote on which one should be bag 40. They both picked the same one, saying “You’d never use that.” Which is why I decided to give both away today. If you’ve been with me this long, you know why!

Bag 40.1 is a woven bag with wooden handles. Three sections inside – two open areas divided by a zippered middle section. I love woven things, but brown is not in my clothing repertoire, so my brown bags are all light now to go with other neutrals.

Bag 40.2 is a vintage Fossil – there’s a tag inside with patent info on the magnetic closure. The strap hardware is really cool, too. That’s what drew me to it, as well as the fact that it reminded me of an Aigner bag.

There are 7 unclaimed bags – for ease, I’ll link to them below.

For any bag, email me at 50favbags@gmail.com with the bag #, your name, your address.

Friends, thanks for walking with me this Lent. We’re in a different place now than when we started, that’s for sure.

Tomorrow begins my 50 days of Easter celebration of 50 bags. I used to have many, many more than 50 – hence the name of this blog is short for my 50 favorite bags. I counted, and I think I’m somewhere in the 40s, not including backpacks. We’ll see what happens. Peace!

bag 2 – Liz Claiborne


bag 9 – the sak


bag 13 – J Crew


bag 16 – Wilson leather


bag 18 – hype


bag 26 – the sak


bag 29 – Travelon