Monthly Archives: March 2018

bag 40 – claimed

Today’s bag is a white Nine West shoulder bag with a frame bag in the middle with two outer zipper sections. A small scuff on the back is easily buffed away with polish. Modeled by Jaiya.

I hope you enjoyed my Lenten giveaway. I sure did, even though this Lent was yet again atypical. I wish you peace and blessings for the coming Easter season.

Please look back through the posts and see if there’s anything unclaimed that you’d like to have. Currently available are bags 6, 7, 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 39 and 40. Email me at if you’re interested in any of those bags. They will go to Dress for Success next week.

Starting tomorrow I’ll be using a different bag every day for the 50 days of Easter. Looking back on the bags I’ve done through the last five years, many that I used in the 50 days of Easter end up in the 40 days of Lent giveaway. I’m excited to see how this year goes, and what more I’ll learn through this process. Happy Easter!

bag 39

This cute Vera Bradley crossbody will work with lots of outfits and let’s you travel light. Email me at if you like bag 39.

bag 38 – claimed

Here’s a cute backpack from MMS. Canvas exterior with goldtone studs, brown pleather trim. Found it at Goodwill for $8 in the backpack section. If you like backpack purses, i advise you to check in that section because they are often overlooked by people needing a larger, traditional backpack. Full disclosure – it has a little stain on the bottom. Email me at if you’re interested in bag 38.

bag 37 – claimed

Here’s a cute leather Cole Haan shoulder bag or cross body. Woven sides, adjustable strap, gold accents. Email me at if you’d like bag 37.

bag 36 – claimed

So. As Jesus makes his way toward his death, I make my way to the end of the bag giveaway. One of us made a MUCH bigger sacrifice. Mine seem super petty in comparison. Today’s bag is an Ann Taylor plush leather tote with three compartments and lots of stylish organization. I walked around with this for a long time at the St. Vincent DePaul on Este before i coughed up the $16. But when i went to get my 40 bags and didn’t have enough, i had to say, once again, how many black bags does one person need? And you know what the answer is? One less. Email me at if you like bag 36.

bag 35 – claimed

Everlane twill backpack with leather trim. Retails at $70. Got it at Goodwill for $5. Love it because it’s a classy backpack. Only thing is it attracts lint. There’s probably something you can spray on it. Email me at with bag 35.

bag 34 – claimed

IMG_0848Here’s a beautiful Banana Republic pebbled leather pewter bag that I really, really like. It’s a bit of a black hole purse – meaning I have a habit of dropping things in that later I can’t find. Its lack of organization doesn’t detract from its beauty. Email me at if you’re interested in bag 34. And now, I’m all caught up for the next and final week of giveaways!

bag 33


This lovely patent leather Fossil is great for dressy occasions or to dress up a casual outfit. Roomy interior with three sections. Tortoise-style accents. Email me at if you’re interested in bag 33. Got this at Valley Thrift for $5.99. Sweet!

bag 32 – claimed

Beautiful oxblood-colored bag. Softest leather ever by Anthony Marc. Cool zipper details and a roomy interior. Let your boho spirit shine with bag 32. Email me at

bag 31 – claimed

Yet another attempt to replace my stolen Calvin Klein bag. I really love the pebbled leather and modern hardware. But it’s a bit too small for me and too heavy to be as small as it is. don’t mind me, i’m an old lady with lots of physical maladies. It’s a beautiful purse, free to a good home. Email me at if you like bag 31.