Day 1 – my 50 favorite bags

Happy Easter!

Knowing this was a day to be dressy and not have to carry a big bag, I reached up in the top of my closet for my small bag bin and got this miu miu purse. The thick leather. The whipstitching. The hardware. SOLD, even though it’s small. I got this at Goodwill for $6. Is it real? Is it fake? I’m not 100% sure. I’m willing to rock it even if it’s fake; it is really beautifully made.

When you’re checking authenticity, let the internet help you. Google the brand, and if you can find any identifying marks or codes (think Coach numbers inside each bag), use those in your search. Sometimes it’s very easy to spot a fake, but there are some extremely good fakes out there, so it can be hard to tell. I checked all of the factors, and if they’re accurate, this bag is authentic. Areas to check: zippers, stitching, wear on handles, any labels inside – don’t be afraid to pull the lining out and inspect. For $6, I’m willing to take the risk.

People often ask me, why would someone take a real designer bag to Goodwill? My answer is I HAVE NO CLUE, because I don’t know those people! I just hope they keep taking them, so i have something to look forward to when i got to the thrift store.

PLEASE NOTE: the Lent 2017 giveaway is over. I’ll be taking the unclaimed bags to Dress for Success tomorrow, so scroll back through and claim what is left.

Peace! Alleluia!

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