bag #5 – taken


If you love to travel, or need a lighter weight bag, try baggallini. They’re made with nylon and other sturdy, lightweight materials with lots of zipper pockets and card holders. Really, there’s a place for everything. I have a few from small to large that i’ve found at thrift stores, but you can find them at TJ Maxx and department stores. This one is a little dressier than my others. It has a satin finish, pleather handles and details, and a detachable shoulder strap. Email me at if you like bag #5.

I went to the library to drop off a bag to a lovely recipient, and happily got free parking with a full meter close to the entrance. I tried to slip in, but was seen by two dear former colleagues. Their dedication to the library warms my heart – and not in a sarcastic way at all. Peace. TAKEN – thanks!

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