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bag #12 – taken

Tignanello again – this time a black pebbled leather shoulder bag. This is a beautiful bag with a front pocket, interior zipper pocket, and an adjustable strap. Silver details and feet (those things on the bottom of the bag that make it cooler) add a cool, modern touch. I got this one at the Este St. Vincent de Paul, and it was more than i would pay usually – but it was half off, so $10. Email me at with bag #12 if you’re interested in this beauty. Taken by my bestest friend – thanks!

bag #11



I collect Fossils. Yes, actual fossil rocks, and Fossil bags. Here’s one i got at the Mt. Washington Goodwill boutique. Honestly, that spot is not as great as it used to be. The Mt. Washington St. Vincent de Paul is much better for bags and everything else, in my opinion. This bag is roomy inside, with plenty of space for your water bottle, magazine or tablet device. If you’d like it, email me at with bag #11.


bag #10

2013-04-05 21.36.20Remember this cute Catori bag I took to San Diego for the Episcopal Communicators conference a few years ago? It’s available to you if you think you’d like a colorful, boho style cross body. Read more about it here and here. Email me at if you would like it.

bag #9

     In case you wondered if I’m having so much fun my giveaway doesn’t count as a Lenten discipline, here we go. This Maxx New York Signature is up for grabs today, and i do really like it. You can’t go wrong with mock croc; it’s a fall/winter classic. Carry it on your shoulder, or work the arm look and be fabulous. Croc-emobssed leather, two handles, lots of separate pockets and sections to keep your stuff niiiiiice. I picked this up a the Este St. Vincent de Paul a few months ago. After i took the pics i was like nooooooooo… but email me at if you like it and it’s yours.

bag #8 – taken


Ok big bag people – here’s one I got at Valley Thrift a few months ago. With my neck/back strain, i’m always on the lookout for a lighter weight bag. Good old Kenneth Cole Reaction came through for me with this not-super-loud, muted gold tote with black patent trim and silver details. Truth is, i was in David’s car, and it got lost in there for several weeks. Then it got brought in and put into the Goodwill pile in our house, where it stayed until i went to bag everything up and itemize it. Lo and behold, here’s my bag. Since i never got too attached, i’m letting it go. Let me know if you would like to have it by emailing me at with bag #8. Taken – thanks!

bag #7 – taken


img_6013  img_6011  IMG_6014

Okay, who can resist a European olive leather bag with a tassel and a braided strap?? Not me. So I bought it. I love the details and it seems super cool, but how many olive bags does one woman need? Leather hobo with cotton details. Email me at with bag #7 and it’s yours. TAKEN – thanks!

bag #6 – taken


Is it real? I believe so, but i’m not an expert and also not a huge Coach fan, so I can’t say. But it is a very nice leather tote with Coach looking buckles and Coach tags. It’s more worn than bags I usually buy, but a Coach tote is a rare find at the thrift store, especially priced under $15. If you would like this tote, email me at The prayer quote rock is included. TAKEN – thanks!